06 September, 2012


·         Container for creating, organizing, managing different document types (Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms etc).
·         To store files, Meta information about the files.
·         Used among different team members.
·         By default a Shared Library is created when a site is created.
·         Additionally any number of different types of libraries can be created.

Specialized library types in SP 2010
To store specific content  types.
·         Asset Library:
To create a rich media library.
To create, browse, share, organize and manage images, audio and video files.

·         Data Connection Library:
To create, browse, share, organize and manage files that contain information about connecting to external data connections.

Document Library:
To create, browse, share, organize, and manage documents or other files.
For creating folders, versioning of documents and check-in/check-out of files.

Form Library:
To store and manage Microsoft Office InfoPath forms/ XML files for use with Microsoft Office InfoPath(business forms like a status report, purchase orders, etc).

Picture Library:
To upload, share pictures with others.
Includes a built-in image viewer.

Report Library:
To create web pages, reports to track business metrics, goals, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and business intelligence information.

Slide Library:
To create a library for storing and sharing Microsoft PowerPoint slides.

Wiki Page Library:
To create, store customizable pages of content that are linked together and can be edited by several people


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