26 November, 2009

How to find out the List GUID in sharepoint !!

As the document libraries and lists are the most commonly used entities in sharepoint, or we can say sharepoint starts with list and libraries !! So, there are so many problems or issues we face on day to day basis...Among all these problems, some required list id's.

Please follow these as how to find out the list guid:
1.Navigate to the SharePoint list using the browser.

2.Select the Settings + List Settings menu command.

3.Copy the Url from the browser address bar into Notepad.

It will look something like: http://moss2007/adminX/_layouts/listedit.aspx?List=%7B26534EF9%2DAB3A%2D46E0%2DAE56%2DEFF168BE562F%7D

4.Delete everying before and including “List=”.

5.Change “%7B” to “{”

6.Change all “%2D” to “-“

7.Chnage “%7D” to “}”

8.You are now left with the Id:{26534EF9-AB3A-46E0-AE56-EFF168BE562F}

That's it-issue resolved !!!!!!

I hope the above information will helps you to find the list guid..thanks !!