01 October, 2011

Vista - Upload multiple documents - zip files not visible

Today I worked on one issue and would like to share the design behavior of it so that we can keep a note and resolves the forthcoming issues in flexible manner.

Problem Description:
When we try to do "Upload Multiple Documents", we are able to locate our files on our laptops except for zip files.
For some odd reason, we can't see our zip files when choosing "Upload Multiple Documents". When we choose the Upload Document option, we are able to locate our zip files.

Machine Configuration:
·         Windows Vista with latest service packs
·         Office 2007
·         Internet explorer 7.0

Did some research and found the Microsoft KB which suggest that it is a design behavior with windows vista machines and needs registry modifications to fix it completely.

Fix Suggested:
To fix this problem you need to delete the following registry keys. 

Workarounds available:
1)      Document Library explorer view
2)     Document library single file upload
3)     Create a network share

Note: In above scenarios, we need to transfer the ticket to desktop support team if we don’t have rights to do any kind of registry changes on user’s machine.

If you have any queries/questions regarding the mentioned information then please let me know. I would be more than HAPPY 2 HELP U as well as RESOLVES your issues…

cannot open flash files in SharePoint / cannot play .swf files in SharePoint

Flash files (.SWF extensions) are by default unblocked in SharePoint so it means we can store the flash files inside our document libraries. One of my users has opened a case with our team and asked for guidance as How to play the flash files in SharePoint.

One thing I need to clarify here is Flash is an independent application which is part of your desktop and we are using SharePoint to store them as a repository purpose. So when you play them then one of the most important thing to understand what exactly happens in the background.

1) Desktop installed flash application helps the stored file to start running.
2) Play the flash file in HTML mode (i.e. by means of explorer)

If your flash file is not running then the most probably the problem is with internet explorer or client/application is missing from the desktop.

One of the quickest workaround is- try to play that flash file by means of Mozilla or Google chrome. If it’s running then HTML mode is working fine in those browsers. If it’s not working in your Internet explorer then some add-on is missing.

Multiple ways that you can try-Please refer the following details:

If you don't have the full version of Flash installed on your PC, then you also don't have a standalone Flash player installed on your system and you aren't able to start SWF files through a double click on it.

The Flash Plugin in your Browser is not the same as the standalone Flash player, instead the Flash Plugin only allows you to play SWF files in your Browser.

But you're able to drag and drop SWF files onto your Browser to play them within the Browser, if you don't want to install the separate available standalone Flash Player.

1. Right Click on swf file. Select Open With. Chose IE7 and FF3, worked in both cases.
2. or, double click any swf file and then elect to "browse" and associate browser (FF or IE) with swf files so they open in browser.

There are several free standalone Flash players available. Just Google for them. The one I'm using currently is the Swiff player.

One more thing that i would like to notify-if you are using SharePoint Server 2010 then please refer the following details:
1.      Got to Central Admin
2.    Web Application Management
3.    Select your web app
4.    Select General Settings on the ribbon
5.     Set the Browser File Handling to Permissive

That's it-If you have any queries/questions regarding the mentioned information then please let me know.
I would be more than HAPPY 2 HELP U as well as RESOLVES UR issues, Thank you...