04 July, 2013

SharePoint master page css styles not showing for users other than site administrator- SharePoint 2010

Today I face one tricky problem in SharePoint 2010.
When I login through site administrator then CSS which I apply on master page work fine,
But when I login through other users CSS effects are not visible on master page.

Error Message:

SharePoint master page css styles not showing for users other than site administrator.

Problem Description:

        This usually happens when the CSS file or master page is not published or approved yet or it may be Check-In.

  •  After system administrator login, Menu Bar from Master page look like this.

  •  After normal user login, Menu Bar from Master page look like this.
  •  Here CSS is not apply.


To Approve Master page Follow below steps:

1.             Open the SharePoint Designer using System Administrator Account.

2.             From Site Object select Master Page

3.             Select your default Master page. (E.g. V4.master)

4.             On “Site Page Gallery”, see “View” section and that click on “Approve/reject. Items” view.

5.             You will see the view is “Group By” by “Approval Status. (E.g. Draft, Approved) 
        Basically Approval Status is divided into 4 different status like Draft, Pending, Approved,Reject

6.             Then Search your default Master page in Draft section select it and send for Approval.

7.             Refresh your page, your default Master page will shown in Pending status section, Select and Approve it.

8.             Finally default master page get approved by System Administrator,
          means it get publish for all user on site.

Product Applies To:         SharePoint Server 2010
Feel free to revert in-case of any query... 

02 July, 2013

Awarded Microsoft MVP for the 4th year in a row!

For the past three years, July 1st has a special meaning to me, and it’s always a day that starts full of expectations and anxiety, which lasts until the moment of receiving the so expected e-mail from Microsoft.

Fortunately, today I was once again awarded by Microsoft with the “Most Valuable Professional” award, now for the fourth time in a row in the SHAREPOINT SERVER category.

Below is an excerpt of the well known message I received a few hours ago, together with more details about the MVP award:

"Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2013 Microsoft MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in SharePoint Server technical communities during the past year"

I’m truly humbled by this award; grateful to Microsoft and to everyone that have been supporting me in my professional and personal growth. THANK YOU!