27 July, 2012


Get Started with a SQL Server Certification

The data explosion is happening at every level of the business—across devices, applications, and individual roles. Become certified on Microsoft SQL Server and prove your knowledge and skills in designing, building, and maintaining the next wave of cloud-ready database and information solutions.
Two MCSE certifications are available for SQL Server 2012: Data Platform and Business Intelligence. Earn an MCSE: Data Platform certification to demonstrate your indispensable expertise to build enterprise-scale data solutions on-premises or in the cloud. Showcase your skills in developing and deploying visually rich business intelligence solutions and reports by earning an

MCSA: SQL Server 2012

Acquire essential skills and knowledge to develop, run, and maintain the next wave of advanced database and information solutions.
Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4
Course 10774
Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Course 10775
Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases
Course 10777
Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012
MCSA: SQL Server
Exam 461
Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Exam 462
Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases
Exam 463
Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012

office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 (also called Office 2013 and codenamed Office 15) is a group of office productivity software programs for the Microsoft Windows operating system and the successor to Microsoft Office 2010. Office 2013 will be available as part of Windows RT for ARM processors, and separately for the IA-32 and x86-64 versions of Windows
Office 2013 Customer Preview: http://www.microsoft.com/office/preview/en
Microsoft Office 2013 Preview AppV packages: http://www.microsoft.com/en-in/download/details.aspx?id=30423  
Microsoft Office 2013 - FREE Full Download - How to install:

Microsoft Office Customer Preview – Official Site:

Download SQL SERVER 2012

SQL Server 2012 will provide Mission Critical Confidence with greater uptime, blazing-fast performance and enhanced security features for mission critical workloads; Breakthrough Insight with managed self-service data exploration and stunning interactive data visualizations capabilities; Cloud On Your Own Terms by enabling the creation and extension of solutions across on-premises and public cloud. SQL Server 2012 will be available in three main editions:
§  Enterprise
§  Business Intelligence
§  Standard

Discover the Power of SQL Server 2012

SQL Server Data Tools

SQL Server 2012 Express

Windows Azure SQL Database Trial Offer

SQL Server 2012 SP1 CTP3

Download Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Preview

Download Office 2013 Preview

Top Features of SQL Server 2012

Always On Availability Groups -This feature takes database mirroring to a whole new level. With Always On, users will be able to fail over multiple databases in groups instead of individually.

Windows Server Core Support -If you don't know what Windows Server Core is, you may want to come up to speed before Windows 8 (MS is making a push back to the command line for server products). Core is the GUI-fewer versions of Windows that uses DOS and Power Shell for user interaction. It has a much lower footprint (50% less memory and disk space utilization), requires fewer patches, and is more secure than the full install. Starting with SQL 2012, it is supported for SQL Server.

SQL Azure Enhancements -These don't really go directly with the release of SQL 2012, but Microsoft is making some key enhancements to SQL Azure. Reporting Services for Azure will be available, along with backup to the Windows Azure data store, which is a huge enhancement. The maximum size of an Azure database is now up to 150G. Also Azure data sync allows a better hybrid model of cloud and on-premise solutions

Big Data Support -I saved the biggest for last, introduced at the PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server) conference last year, Microsoft announced a partnership with Hadoop provider Cloudera. One part of this involves MS releasing a ODBC driver for SQL Server that will run on a Linux platform. Additionally, Microsoft is building connectors for Hadoop, which is an extremely popular NoSQL platform. With this announcement, Microsoft has made a clear move into this very rapidly growing space.

25 July, 2012

This file cannot be saved because some properties are missing or invalid. Use the Document Information Panel to provide the correct property values. Errors for required properties are marked with a red asterisk, and errors for invalid properties are marked with a red dashed border.

User has raised an incident ticket by mentioning that he is not able to save the word document and getting the below mentioned error message:

This file cannot be saved because some properties are missing or invalid. Use the Document Information Panel to provide the correct property values. Errors for required properties are marked with a red asterisk, and errors for invalid properties are marked with a red dashed border.

Configuration: SharePoint 2010, Word 2010, IE7.0, Windows 7 OS.

While researching on the same, I found one Microsoft KB which clearly states that this is a known issue and multiple workaround can be used to fixed the same. Here is the article based on the same:

100% credit to this Microsoft KB which resolves our issue but I continued my RnD on the same and successfully reproduced the issue at my end also.

What also we can do apart from Microsoft KB?

§  Open the same document library which has the problem
§  Settings
§  Library settings
§  Content types
§  Hidden fields in the content types
§  Make the necessary fields options and check the results

I am pretty much confident that by using the above mentioned steps, we will be in a position to resolve the issue without any problems.

If you still face the same problem then please let me know so that we can troubleshoot and resolves the issue as soon as possible. Thank you.

24 July, 2012

How to create a Lync 2010 Dial Plan?

How to create a Lync 2010 Dial Plan?

Hello Friends,

We always motivate user to use telephonic or click to call functionality, however before start for using Remote call Control or Click to call we have to create separate Dial Plan in Lync 2010,  Here i will show you, how to create Dial plan –

To Create a Dial Plan:
1. Log on to computer as a member of the RTCUniversalServerAdmins group, or as a member of the CsVoiceAdministrator, CsServerAdministrator, or CsAdministrator role. Open a browser window, and enter Admin URL to open Lync Control Panel.
2. In left navigation bar, click Voice Routing and click Dial Plan.
3. On Dial Plan page, click New and select a scope for dial plan:
·        Site dial plan applies to an entire site, except any users or groups that are assigned to a user dial plan. If you select Site for a dial plan’s scope, you must choose the site from the Select a Site dialog box. If a dial plan has already been created for a site, the site does not appear in the Select a Site dialog box.
·        Pool dial plan can apply to a public switched telephone network (PSTN) gateway or a Registrar. If you select Pool for a dial plan’s scope, choose the PSTN gateway or Registrar from the Select a Service dialog box. Service does not appear in the list if dial plan already has been created for a service (PSTN gateway or Registrar).

·        User dial plan can be applied to specified users or groups.
4. If you create a user dial plan, enter a name in Name field on New Dial Plan dialog box. The name cannot be changed after it is saved.
5. The Simple name field is filled in with the same name that appears in the Name field. To edit this field is optional to give a more descriptive name that reflects the site, service, or user.
6. In the Description field, you can type additional descriptive information about dial plan (optional).
7. If you want to use this dial plan as a region for dial-in access numbers, specify a Dial-in conferencing region. If you do not want to use this dial plan for dial-in access numbers, leave this field empty. (Optional)
8. In the External access prefix field, specify a value only if users need to dial one or more additional leading digits (for example, 9) to get an external line. You can type in a prefix value of up to four characters (#, *, and 0-9). (Optional)
9. Associate and configure normalization rules for the dial plan:
·        To choose one or more rules from a list of all normalization rules available in your Enterprise Voice deployment, click Select. In Select Normalization Rules, highlight the rules you want to associate with the dial plan and then click OK.
·        To define a new normalization rule and associate it with the dial plan, click New.
·        To edit a normalization rule that is already associated with the dial plan, highlight the rule name and click Show details.
·        To copy an existing normalization rule to use as a starting point for defining a new rule, highlight the rule name and click Copy, and then click Paste.
·        To remove a normalization rule from the dial plan, highlight the rule name and click Remove.
10. Verify that the dial plan’s normalization rules are arranged in the correct order. Highlight the rule name and then click the up or down arrow to change a rule’s position in the list.
11. Enter a number to test the dial plan and then click Go. The test results are displayed under Enter a number to test. (Optional)
12. Click OK.
13. On the Dial Plan page, click Commit, and then click Commit all.

Thank you.

The specified web does not contain a reporting metadata list

When you view Audit log reports on a Microsoft Office SharePoint site, you receive the following error message:
The specified Web does not contain a reporting metadata list.
Guys- one of our clients has opened an incident ticket by mentioning that he is getting the above mentioned error message. If we notice the error message carefully then you will come to know that it’s clarifying something in the direction of site template.
I have started my troubleshooting to find out that if its works properly in Team site template then which are those templates are having these problems. Let me tell you that this troubleshooting took 2-3 hours to test each and every template to find out the correct resolution.
Finally I have successfully resolved this issue and here is my analysis:
This issue may occur if any of the following templates were used to create the default site:
1.   Document Workspace
2.   Wiki
3.   Blog
4.   Records Center

Note: To view Audit log reports, click Audit log reports  on the Site Actions/ Site Settings  menu.

To resolve this issue, run the following STSADM command on the SharePoint server for each affected site collection:
stsadm -o activatefeature -name Reporting -url http://yourssitecollectionurl/ -force

Please check and let me know in case of any further queries/questions, Thank you. Happy SharePoint to all of you :) :)

23 July, 2012

Unexpected Error when trying to view Audit Log Reports

Guys-from last few months I am trying my best to dig in SharePoint auditing and trying to explore so many things. While exploring, I am trying to create the error message so that it will be easy for me to know the root cause and resolution too. I would like to share my research and thorough findings so that it will be helpful for everybody to minimize the headache that we experienced while troubleshooting the issue.
If you receive an Unexpected Error trying to view the Audit Log Reports on their Site Collection:
·         Access the Site Collection. 
·         Go to Site Actions >Site Settings. 
·         Select Audit Log Reports. 

Error message:
Unexpected Error returned.
Please use the following steps to resolve this issue:
1.   Visit <SiteURL> /_layouts/ManageFeatures.aspx?Scope=Site

Example: https:// spsites.sharepoint.com/sites/amolsp2010 /_layouts/ManageFeatures.aspx?Scope=Site

2.   Deactivate the feature: Reporting. 
3.   Activate the feature Reporting. 
4.   Visit /_layouts/AuditSettings.aspx page and verify the Audit settings. 
5.   After some time, validate the reports are working as expected.

Please let me know in case of any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned information. Thank you.


SharePoint 2010-Cannot view audit log reports on site collection

Auditing-Knowing who is taking what action on which content in your site collection can be critical in helping your organization fulfill its requirements, such as meeting regulatory compliance and records management. You save an audit log report as a Microsoft Excel 2010 workbook to a library in the site collection that you specify.
Few months before, I have already written an article on auditing configuration and I really wanted to thank you for your kind responses: http://sharepointknowledgebase.blogspot.in/2010/09/sharepoint2010-site-collection-auditing.html
But now in this article, I am trying to concentrate on one of the incident which has been faced by the local team members.
The issue was: After being enabled the Audit log reports, the link to "Audit log reports” remains unavailable (does not appear) on site collection settings
See, it was very easy to troubleshoot this issue so I request you to follow the below mentioned steps and I am pretty much confident that your issue will be resolved.
I am providing you two options here so you can use anyone as per your flexibility.
Note: in both the options, you must be site collection administrator for the site collection.
1.   Open command prompt ( Start-> Run and type cmd ) 
2.   Change to the SharePoint 2010 path (\programfiles\Common files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\14\bin) 
3.   Run STSADM.EXE -o activatefeature -name Reporting -url http://sitecollectionurl -force (this may take a while on finishing) 

1.   On the site that the Audit log reports are going t be activated
2.   Site Actions
3.   Site settings 
4.   On Site collection administration section
5.   click on Site Collection Features 
6.   Search for the Reporting feature 
7.   Click on Activate button 

Go back to Site Actions->Site Settings and on Site Collection administration section and verify that the link is available now

Please let me know in case of any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned information. I would be more than happy to help you as well as resolves your issues J J