03 September, 2012

Full-text index population for table or indexed view: SQL Server 2008

As discussed in the previous article: Full text search in SQL.  We discussed on the some of the issue you can try to resove using the Full-text Search from various MS reference.
In continuation to the same, below are the some of the references you can use to resolve the issue realted to Full text search in SQL 2008. You may get same error meaassge using full-text search.
Error : “Full-text index population for table or indexed view”.
This error may not be sufficent to give you the complete reference to the exact issue you are facing in your problem. So below I am sharing some of the resources to reolve the issue partaining to the above error.
Error : "No appropriate filter was found during full-text index population for table or indexed view"
Error :  “Error 0x80040e97 occurs when you use integrated full-text search in SQL Server”.
Error: You receive error messages when you perform a population for a large full-text index in SQL Server 2008
I belive referring to the any of the above KB article will surely resolve your problem. However, if still has problme then rebuilding full-text on table may help or repopulation may also work.   

A good references to troubleshoot Full- Text Indexing: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms142595.aspx
If you have better solution to be suggested, you are most welcome.


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