10 March, 2012

RCC Call automatically put on hold.

RCC (Click to call) Call automatically put on hold.

Problem Description:-

While using MOC client 2007 R2 and users often complain that when they answer a call on the phone it automatically gets put on hold and it doesn't matter they to answer using speakerphone, headset or headset. If they kill MOC client on their computer and restart it the problem goes away.

I have reproduced problem on few computers for testing and researched on issue.

-> Only one call is active the other calls are put on hold automatically by communicator, because by design OCS 2007 can only have one active call at a time, it puts other calls on hold.

The call was established on MOC 2007 R2.

When there was a new call coming, MOC found there was two call active so it sent HoldCall event and call put on hold.

Resolution at this point found -

1. Only solutions to quit MOC 2007 R2 or remove RCC from users account.

2. Upgrade the Avaya or Cisco software (soft phone).

08 March, 2012

How Communicator Client Communicate with Address Book Server?

While working as OCS administrator, we must know the communicator client and Address server communication.

Here are the useful information regarding Address Book Server.

The Address Book URLs (that is, one internal and one external) are the paths that clients use to access the data files in the Address Book Server file store. These URLs are configured under the Address Book tab in the Web Components Properties for the given Standard Edition server or Enterprise pool, and are retrieved through in-band provisioning (absInternalServerUrl and absExternalServerUrl) by the client when it logs on to its Standard Edition server or Enterprise pool. The clients can also have these URLs configured through Group Policy Objects.

Communicator client- > Address book Services

Active Directory -> User Replicator -> Database -> Address Book Services -> File Store (NTFS) – IIS 6.0 Server.

04 March, 2012

Script for Listing all Telephone Settings for Remote Click Call user account

Hello Friends,

Many times we need to list the telephone number of users who are enabled for Remote call Control user control.

Here are script which is useful for list the telephone settings.

'List All Telephone Settings for a User Account'

Set objUser = GetObject _

WScript.Echo "Home Phone: " & objUser.homePhone
WScript.Echo "Pager: " & objUser.pager
WScript.Echo "Mobile phone: " & objUser.mobile
WScript.Echo " IP Phone: " & objUser.ipPhone
WScript.Echo "Information: " & objUser.info
WScript.Echo " Fax Number: " & objUser.facsimileTelephoneNumber

WScript.Echo "Other Home Phone:"
For Each strValue in objUser.otherHomePhone
    WScript.Echo strValue

WScript.Echo "Other Pager:"
For Each strValue in objUser.otherPager
    WScript.Echo strValue

WScript.Echo "oOther Mobile Phone:"
For Each strValue in objUser.otherMobile
    WScript.Echo strValue

WScript.Echo "Other IP Phone:"
For Each strValue in objUser.otherIpPhone
    WScript.Echo strValue

WScript.Echo "Other Fax Number:"
For Each strValue in objUser.otherFacsimileTelephoneNumber
    WScript.Echo strValue

Thank you!