13 November, 2009

Uploading Spreadsheets into SharePoint Lists

By having the data from the spreadsheet in a SharePoint list it makes it easier to filter the data, display the data to the right audiences, search the data, add new records to the list and most importantly it is easier for people to have access to the data. so what is the right process to upload spreadsheets into sharepoint list ????

1. Open up the SharePoint site where you want to create the new SharePoint list that will contain the data from your spreadsheet.

2.Click Site Actions – Create.

3.Then from the column Custom List you will find Import Spreadsheet .

4.Enter a ‘Name’ for the List and a Description.

5.Then in the ‘Import from Spreadsheet’ section browse to your spreadsheet.

6.Next click the ‘Import’ button.

7.You will now get the ‘Import Windows SharePoint List’ screen as well as your Excel spreadsheet.

8.Cell A1 is highlighted but you can’t select all the cells until you change the dropdown ‘Range of Cells’ and then click in the bottom box ‘Select Range’.

9.Now you can click on cell A1 hold the mouse button down and drag to the last cell in your spreadsheet so that all cells including the column titles are selected.

10.Now click the ‘Import’ button and after a few seconds you will have a neatly presented SharePoint list with all the columns and data from your spreadsheet now displaying.