20 June, 2009

unable to connect to database or unable to connect the configuration database

Issue with SharePoint after installating the hotfix which solve DNS issue

If you install the DNS fix (KB 953230) and experience SharePoint trouble – such as error message which says unable to connect to database or unable to connect the configuration database.

You can follow the steps below if you're using Windows Internal Database/MSDE:
• Download and install SQL Management Studio Express (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=C243A5AE-4BD1-4E3D-94B8-5A0F62BF7796&displaylang=en) if you don't have any SQL 2005 management tool available
• Connect the server using the following information
oServer: \\.\pipe\mssql$microsoft##ssee\sql\query
o Windows authentication
• Detach the SharePoint configuration database
• Reattach the SharePoint configuration database
• Restart your SharePoint server

Your issue should have been solved!!!

‘g_InstanceID’ is undefined

How to fix: Recurring Meeting Workspace error: ‘g_InstanceID’ is undefined
After changing the master page on a Meeting Workspace site, the recurring meeting workspace hyperlinks under “Select a date from the list below” do not work and throw a JavaScript error.

Please follow these steps to to overcome this error message "‘g_InstanceID’ is undefined "
1. At the top level of the site collection:- Browse to Site actions -> Site Settings -> Modify all site settings.
2.- Under the Galleries section, click 'Master pages and page layouts' to access the Master Page Gallery
3.Select 'Upload'. Browse to 12 hive\TEMPLATE\GLOBAL and select mwsdefault.master.
4.The 'Edit Item' page for the gallery will open. It's best to give this mwsdefault.master a new name in order to distinguish it from the original mwsdefault.master. Then click 'Check In'.
5.Publish the newly uploaded copy by selecting 'Publish a major version' from the item's dropdown box on the Master Page Gallery.
6.Approve the newly uploaded master page by selecting 'Approve/reject' from the item's dropdown box, selecting the Approved box, and clicking OK.

Back on the problem Meeting Workspace page:
-Select 'Site Actions' -> 'Site Settings' -> and then 'Master page' under the Look and Feel section
-Select the newly uploaded version of the mwsdefault.master in the Site Master Page and System Master Page dropdown boxes, and then click OK.
-the JavaScript controls on the Meeting Workspace will now work without producing the JavaScript error, making the other event dates browsable again.

I hope the above steps helps you to overcome this javascript error message and your meeting workspace template will work properly and never face this problem again. Thanks!!!