02 September, 2011

How to change the default home page

Hello Guys,

As I am working in support industry, I have seen some request’s recently in which users wants to change the default home page of the SharePoint site.

Generally page layouts are given by the site master pages so anybody can think that they need their own customized home page/I want myname.aspx, myprojectname.aspx, mydepartname.aspx Instead of default.aspx so requirements will be many but logic should be ready to answer the queries.

I am highlighting some methods by which we can change the home page of the site but anybody wants to append something then always welcome J

1.      If the publishing feature is enabled for your site collection then the process is very simple as follows:

·  Open the site collection that you are referring
·  Site actions
·  Site settings
·  Under Look and Feel
·  Welcome Page

2.      SharePoint Designer: We all knows as how much powerful SharePoint designer is as compare to the default GUI.

·        Open the site in SharePoint Designer 2007
·        Refer the location where pages are stored
·        Right-click the new page and click "Set as Home Page"

Please let me know in case of any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned information. I would be more than HAPPY to HELP you as well as RESOLVES your issues… Thanks