26 December, 2011

How to Enable Document IDs in SharePoint 2010

The document ID feature creates identifiers that can be used to retrieve items independent of their current location. The document ID service that supports it generates and assigns document IDs.
Microsoft explains:
-Document ID’s are automatically assigned to uploaded documents and this ID will follow the item throughout its entire life cycle. Document IDs can also be assigned to Document Sets.
- Document ID’s are automatically assigned to uploaded documents and this ID will follow the item throughout its entire life cycle. Document IDs can also be assigned to Document Sets.
How to activate it:
1.   Open the site that you are referring to
2.   Site actions
3.   Site settings
4.   Site collection administration
5.   Site collection features
6.   Activate the service named as ‘Document ID’
Note: it will be activated for the complete site collection.
How to enable it:
1.   Go to the site collection
2.   Site actons
3.   Site settings
4.   Site collection administration
5.   Document ID settings
6.   On the Document ID settings page, in the Assign Document IDs section, make sure there is a checkmark in the Assign Document IDs, check box.
7.   As soon as you enable the assignment of Document IDs for the first within a site collection, a message appears: Configuration of the Document ID feature is scheduled to be completed by an automated process. This means that a timer job is responsible for completing the assignment of the Document IDs to all documents in the site collection.
8.   To set a custom string of characters or numbers that are automatically appended to the beginning of each Document ID, enter the string under Begin IDs with…
a)   Begin ID’s with the following charators section, type the text as per your requirement. For example purpose, I am using SharePoint2010
b)   Click OK
c)   Open Word 2010 and create a new document and save it as follows:
·         Document Name: SharePoint hits.docx
·         Document Content: SharePoint Sample Text
·         Save Document to Desktop
d)   Navigate to the document library now
e)   Click upload document now
f)    Click the Upload Document button on the page and browse to the location of the SharePoint hits document on the desktop and click OK.
g)   In the Managed Keywords type Rocks, then click Save
h)   Make sure that the document is checked in
i)     Click Refresh
Select the Reset all Document IDs… check box if you want to automatically add the prefix to all existing Document IDs in your site collection.
Click OK and that’s it-Document ID has been successfully enabled for the site collection.
If you have any Queries |Questions |Doubts regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know. I would be more than happy to help you as well as resolves your issues, thank you J J



25 December, 2011

This workbook cannot be opened because it is not stored in an Excel Services Application trusted location

One of our user has opened a ticket with us by mentioning that he is getting an error while editing the date in excel. the error message is mentioned below:

This workbook cannot be opened because it is not stored in an Excel Services Application trusted location.
To create an Excel Services Application trusted location, contact your system administrator
Now its quite obvious that you need to add the document library path inside excel trusted file location.

Please refer following article and your issue will be resolved J

If you have any queries/questions/doubts regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know. I would be more than happy to help you as well as resolves your issues, Thank youJ

excel services sharepoint 2010 trusted location

Workbooks that you want to access must be placed in a trusted location. If they are not, calls to open the workbooks will fail.

How to add a file to trusted file location:

1.On the Start menu, click All Programs.
2.Point to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products, and then click SharePoint 2010 Central Administration.
3.On the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration page, under Application Management, click Manage service applications.
4.On the Manage Service Application page, click Excel Services Application.
5.On the Manage Excel Services Application page, click Trusted File Locations.
6.On the Excel Services Application Trusted File Locations page, click Add Trusted File Location.
7.On the Excel Services Application Add Trusted File Location page, in the Address text box, type the location to save your workbook—for example, http://sp2007/sites/test/Shared%20Documents.
8.Under Location type, click the appropriate location type. In this example, select SharePoint Foundation.
9.Under Trust Children, select Children trusted if you want to trust child libraries or directories.
10.Click OK.

Microsoft has published a very good article on this which will be very usefull to configure remaining parameters regarding the same:

1. The above mentioned link covers default parameters for trusted file locations
2. How to edit a trusted file location
3. How to delete a trusted file location

You can also trust a location by using Windows PowerShell:




sql interview questions and answers

What is sql?
-Structured Query Language (SQL) is a language that provides an interface to relational database systems.

Which is the subset of SQL commands used to manipulate Oracle Database structures, including tables?
-Data Definition Language (DDL)

Which TCP/IP port does SQL Server run on? How can it be changed?
-SQL Server runs on port 1433. It can be changed from the Network Utility TCP/IP properties.

What is the difference between UNION and UNION ALL in SQL?
-UNION is an SQL keyword used to merge the results of two or more tables using a Select statement, containing the same fields, with removed duplicate values. UNION ALL does the same, however it persists duplicate values.

What operator performs pattern matching?
-LIKE operator

What are the difference between clustered and a non-clustered index?
-A clustered index is a special type of index that reorders the way records in the table are physically stored.
-A non clustered index is a special type of index in which the logical order of the index does not match the physical stored order of the rows on disk.

What is the difference between IN and BETWEEN, that are used inside a WHERE clause?The BETWEEN clause is used to fetch a range of values, whereas the IN clause fetches data from a list of specified values.

What are the wildcards used for pattern matching?
_ for single character substitution and % for multi-character substitution

What is Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) ?
-Online transaction processing systems relational database design use the discipline of data modeling and generally follow the Codd rules of data normalization in order to ensure absolute data integrity.

What are the privileges that can be granted on a table by a user to others?
Insert, update, delete, select, references, index, execute, alter, all

Whats the capacity of the image data type in MS SQL?
-Variable-length binary data with a maximum length of 2^31 - 1 (2,147,483,647) bytes.

What is difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE commands?
-Delete command removes the rows from a table based on the condition that we provide with a WHERE clause. Truncate will actually remove all the rows from a table and there will be no data in the table after we run the truncate command.

What command is used to get back the privileges offered by the GRANT command?

What are the authentication modes in SQL Server?
-Windows mode and Mixed Mode - SQL and Windows. How 2 change it-To change authentication mode in SQL Server click Start, Programs, Microsoft SQL Server and click SQL Enterprise Manager to run SQL Enterprise Manager from the Microsoft SQL Server program group. Select the server then from the Tools menu select SQL Server Configuration Properties, and choose the Security page.

What’s the difference between a primary key and a unique key?
-Both Primary key and Unique key enforce the uniqueness of a column on which they are defined. However, a Primary key does not allow nulls, whereas unique key allow nulls.

What is a transaction and ACID?
-Transaction - A transaction is a logical unit of work. All steps must be committed or rolled back.
ACID - Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability, these are the unique entities of a transaction.






dot net interview questions and answers

1. What's the difference between Response.Write() and Response.Output.Write()?
-Both Response.Write() and Response.Output.Write() are used to display output on the Screen. But Using Reponse.Output.Write() you can display formattable output while Response.Write() can only display single character line.

2. Which control cannot be placed in MDI?
-The controls that do not have events.All the controls that cannot be placed on the MDI. Only certain controls can be pleced on the MDI they are Picture Box, Tool Strip, Status Bar, Timer, Progressvie Bar.

3. How many classes can a single .NET DLL contain?
-Many class store in single dll (unlimited)

4. Briefly explain what user controls are and what server controls are and the differences between the two.
-An ASP.NET control (sometimes called a server control) is a server-side component that is shipped with .NET Framework. A server control is a compiled DLL file and cannot be edited. server controls are asp.net controls it is not editable it is in compiled dll, user controls are collections of server controls which is use in application with saperate copy of controls

5. Does ViewState affect performance? What is the ideal size of a ViewState? How can you compress a viewstate?
-Viewstate stores the state of controls in HTML hidden fields. At times, this information can grow in size. This does affect the overall responsiveness of the page, thereby affecting performance.

6. What is CLR?
-CLR is .NET equivalent of Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It is the runtime that converts a MSIL code into the host machine language code, which is then executed appropriately. The CLR is the execution engine for .NET Framework applications.

7. What is the difference between VB6 and VB.Net?
-VB is a Object-based Language, does not supports threading, Not powerful Exception handling mechanism
-VB.net is a Object-oriented Language, supports threading, powerful in exception handling

8. How do you turn off cookies for one page in your site?
-It can be turned off by mentioning cookie state= false in web.config file

9. How can you detect if a viewstate has been tampered?
-By setting the EnableViewStateMac to true in the @Page directive.

10. Can you change a Master Page dynamically at runtime?
-Yes. To change a master page, set the MasterPageFile property to point to the .master page during the PreInit page event.





Fixes included in SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Microsoft has released SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Following are the various product fixes included in the SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1):

Download Service pack1 for SharePoint Server 2010
Excel Services
Excel ServicesSparklines are not displayed in a web part in named object view if there are no named items published when the workbook is saved.
Excel ServicesIn Excel Services, when you filter a slicer that is connected to PowerPivot, Excel Services becomes unresponsive.
Excel ServicesControls that are bound to an expression in the form header do not work in Internet Explorer 9.
Excel ServicesThe SUBTOTAL and AGGREGATE formulas show incorrect values when you undo a filter operation.
Excel ServicesThe user receives the "An Error Has Occurred" message on the server when the TREND, LINEST, LOGEST, or GROWTH are used with external references on the Excel client and then the file is uploaded to the server.
Excel ServicesExcel Services cannot connect to Analysis Services over an HTTP connection.
Excel ServicesValues that include array formulas are not updated when you copy the values between worksheets.
Excel ServicesSumming formulas that contain defined names produce a #VALUE error.
Excel ServicesData is lost when you copy or cut data and then paste it into a filtered range.
Excel ServicesCertain function names are not localized for some languages.
FAST Search Server
FAST SearchThe link and click-through analysis engines break when you set up a multi-node installation for which the hostnames in the deployment file use different casing than the hostnames that are given to the Post Setup Configuration script.
FAST SearchWhen indexing documents which cause warning or errors, indexing speed drops significantly.
FAST SearchInformation on the backup and crawler configuration are missing from the infotool report when FAST Search Server is installed in a folder whose name includes a white space character.
FAST SearchIf you try to create a new rank profile that has an illegal name (such as a name that contains angle brackets), the schema update will fail on the FAST Search servers, but you will not receive an error message in the PowerShell console. Subsequent index schema updates might also fail without any error message in the PowerShell console.
FAST SearchPowerPoint SlideShow (.ppsx) files are not searchable when you use the latest Microsoft Filter Pack.
FAST SearchFeeding fails after customization of the inclusion dictionary.
FAST SearchThe default schema settings produce irrelevant results because unnecessary content is indexed. The default schema also produces inconsistent SiteName values between indexed content from the SharePoint and FAST Lotus Notes connectors.
FAST SearchIndexer ignores errors when it copies directories.
FAST SearchIndexer crashes and corrupts the document index.
FAST SearchYou cannot remove crawled property mappings for a managed property in SharePoint Central Admin.
FAST SearchThe indexer goes into an invalid state and does not shut down.
FAST SearchThe Configuration process (PSConfig) throws an error and terminates at resourcesstoreinstall.exe execution.
FAST SearchTitles and dates for Microsoft Office documents in search results do not correctly reflect the contents of the documents.
FAST SearchIncorrect FQL conversion occurs when a query uses type (type=kwany)/(type=kwall) with custom indexes.
FAST SearchFunctionality to add search columns to a live system is lacking.
FAST SearchThe crawler becomes unresponsive when it is looking up DNS host entries for a large set of websites.
FAST SearchThe "total size of documents (bytes)" value that is reported by the Indexer process does not decrease correctly when documents are removed from the search index.
FAST SearchDocument preview does not work in search results when https is used.
FAST SearchWhen an I/O exception occurs during index activation, the system enters a state in which no more data is indexed.
FAST SearchWhen the same managed property is added and deleted many times (more than 20), memory consumption for several processes continues to increase, even if the actual schema remains the same.
FAST SearchAn error occurs when you use the command line tool "crawleradmin" together with the "--nodestatus" option to query the status of multiple web crawlers.
FAST SearchThe deployment file templates contain recommended and commonly used components and services for servers in a FAST Search farm. These templates are out of date.
FAST SearchThe terms in simplified Chinese language multi-term queries are automatically combined into a phrase.
FAST SearchIf a refiner's mapped property has uppercase characters in the refinement panel, the refiner will not be returned from the FAST backend. This will also happen if programming interfaces, such as query web service, federation OM, or query OM, are being used.
FAST SearchWhen a user is authenticated by a third-party system through form-based authentication, search results do not list documents to which anonymous users have read access.
FAST SearchSAM configuration files are not patchable.
FAST SearchFAST scope filters are dropped if they are longer than the maximum size, but no warning message is returned. In this situation after the fix, the filter is reverted to the last known good string, and a warning is displayed in the user interface.
FAST SearchAn uncaught exception makes the click through log analysis stop processing new data.
FAST SearchThe master indexer becomes unresponsive during long index copies.
FAST SearchAdding items using the FAST database connector and multi-row normalizer functionality may cause the string "NULL" to be indexed instead of the value NULL.
FAST SearchIf the click-through analysis engine fails to write its internal state to disk, the file that contains the state is truncated, and the application cannot restart.
FAST SearchIf you have a crawl that uses sitemaps as start URIs, you may observe that certain documents are removed from the index by the crawler after a number of refresh cycles, even though these documents still exist on the web server and are also still linked by the sitemap.
FAST SearchThe indexer can run out of disk space when old fixml data is not cleaned up.
FAST SearchBackup indexer or search may fail when disk space is low.
FAST SearchSearch fails until samworker or qrproxy services are restarted.
FAST SearchIn cases where indexing fails due to corrupt data new content will not become searchable.
FAST SearchAfter startup, the backup indexer gets out of sync with the master indexer with respect to index copying. As a result, the backup indexer does not have the necessary indexes available in case of failover, and everything will have to be re-indexed. Error logs may include this message: "Communication error when registering file receiver from ...: File receiver unavailable."
FAST SearchWhen an item processor cannot send link data to the link analysis engine, the item processor stores the data until it can be sent. In some cases, the data is never sent, performance suffers, and errors are logged.
FAST SearchFeeding performance for large batches, with many links  per document or many documents per batch, is unexpectedly poor.
FAST SearchAdministrators experience a performance drops in feeding due to the overhead of error-handling and resubmitting of batches.
FAST SearchTemporary index directories that remain when the search controller is stopped are not cleaned up, which wastes disk space.
FAST SearchConsider a scope that has a FAST specific scope filter for which the filter string contains one or more managed property restrictions, and the managed property names contain uppercase letters. When this scope is used in a query, the error message, "Property doesn't exist or is used in a manner inconsistent with schema settings" is returned.
FAST SearchDue to duplicate removal, the maximum query throughput (QPS) is roughly 50 divided by the number of columns (for example, a 10 column system would have a throughput of 5).
FAST SearchFastSearch feeding and indexing hangs when feeding recovery is triggered and there are many content feeding sessions running at the same time.
FAST SearchThe click-through analysis engine (SPRel) breaks when error handling is triggered during feeding.
FAST SearchCorruption of the search index stops deletion of expired normalized dictionaries. Those files might never be cleaned up, wasting disk space.
FAST SearchIn a fault tolerant setup under certain circumstances when the amount of available memory is low on the master indexer node, the master indexer shuts down. This can cause the backup indexer to loose sync. After the incident, the indexers must be manually synchronized.
FAST SearchIn some scenarios, the crawler crawls documents in the wrong order and may not return the expected results.
FAST SearchInstallation on the Italian language version of Windows 2008 Server fails in the post-setup configuration stage.
FAST SearchIf the user updates the crawler configuration on a multi-node crawler setup that specifies a proxy for crawling, the crawling comes to a halt and all requests fail. This leads to no documents being updated or added to the index.
FAST SearchThe infotool does not pick up the pipeline extensibility and schema files from the admin node. This information is very useful for troubleshooting schema and document processing scenarios.
FAST SearchWhen you run the SecureFASTSearchConnector.ps1 script in silent mode, a message is printed to the console that states that the script was not successful even if it was successful. This fix corrects that problem and resolves a problem of several log messages being printed to the console while the script is run in silent mode.
FAST SearchDuring crawling by the FAST Search Web Crawler when JavaScript support is enabled, the Browser Engine suddenly stops processing certain documents. Therefore, these documents are not crawled and indexed.
FAST SearchUsers are unable to search with Greek lemmatization and spell checking.
FAST SearchCustom property extractors are limited.
FAST SearchWhen the user stops a process by using the command line tool nctrl, the message "Failed to stop the following process" is displayed, However, the process might just be taking a long time to stop.
FAST SearchThe fsearch process grows in memory size until all system memory is used under a sustained heavy query load.
FAST SearchIntermittent issues with feeding performance.
FAST SearchThe dump file (.dmp) that is created when Contentdistributor, Indexingdispatcher, or Nameserver crashes is unusable.
Office Web Apps
Office Web AppsText that is in shapes on PowerPoint slides is not editable in the PowerPoint Web App.
Office Web AppsIn Internet Explorer 9, various problems occur in PowerPoint Web App's edit view, including text that does not wrap correctly, text that is partially out of view, and difficulty scrolling.
Office Web AppsSpell checker does not find spelling errors in various language versions.
Office Web AppsWhen the Open in Client feature fails in WebKit browsers, you cannot save your work until you refresh the page.
Office Web AppsAutoCorrect does not work in various language versions.
Office Web AppsAutoCorrect does not correct text in various language versions.
PerformancePoint Services
PerformancePointWhen you edit the Named Set filter in Dashboard Designer, the wrong named set is selected.
PerformancePointFor a SharePoint list data source, only the default view can be selected for a custom list.
PerformancePointIf all values in a multi-select filter are "unchecked," the filter does not return to the default selection.
PerformancePointAn unexpected error occurs on a chart that has custom MDX.
PerformancePointWebpage URLs  that have spaces or special characters are not renderered in the dashboard.
PerformancePointYou cannot export or view a web part menu that was opened by using the display report option of the PerformancePoint content list.
PerformancePointThe Cascading Filters Apply button web part displays the dialog box title as blank ("untitled").
PerformancePointConsistency problems occur for non-empty filters when you switch between grid view and chart view on the dashboard.
PerformancePointWhen you navigate from the decomposition tree to grid view, hierarchies break and might lose members.
PerformancePointQuotation marks around an XML IT attribute value in an Analysis Services filter cause an error.
PerformancePointYou cannot create row and column links by dragging from a scorecard to an analytic view.
PerformancePointWhen you double-click a checkbox in Member Selector, the checkbox remains unchecked even though it is actually selected. You have to click OK an extra time to close the dialog box.
PerformancePointThe selected items number format does not match the Windows number format in Member Selector.
PerformancePointAn error occurs in Dashboard Designer when you try to delete PerformancePoint content that is stored on a SharePoint site that has the recycle bin disabled.
PerformancePointDecomposition Tree service does not work on a scorecard that is filtered by a SharePoint filter.
PerformancePointWhen you change filter values for a Custom Table filter that is linked to a Query Mode analytic chart, the chart is not correctly updated.
PerformancePointThe GenerateView web service does not receive page filters.
PerformancePointThe "clear filter" option is disabled for value filters on a bar chart report.
PerformancePointScorecards that have a "blank" KPI indicator cannot be exported to PowerPoint or to Excel.
PerformancePointPerformancePoint Server 2007 filters that use column member or row member display values and that are from a migrated 2007 version scorecard do not work.
Project Server
Project ServerBulk update of project sites does not succeed when the project site URL does not include a trailing slash mark ("/").
Project ServerThe date ranges in the timephased grid for statusing are shifted by a day when a daylight savings time change occurs.
Project ServerA project administrator wants to create a team site that is not related to a specific project in a Project Web App site collection. But webparts cannot be added to that site, which makes it unusable.
Project ServerWhen you switch to a view for which a subtask is filtered out after you delete the summary task, the view does not load.
Project ServerWhen an update is applied to upgrade Project Server, but the database is not upgraded, an unhelpful "Unknown error" message is displayed.
Project ServerWith SP1, Project Server now supports SQL Server Code Name "Denali" (SQL 11).
Project ServerBefore SP1, you could not have a rule auto-publish when the rule was auto-approved. Starting with SP1, you can set rules to automatically publish updates to project plans after they are run on the Create/Edit Rules page.
Project ServerThe "Mark Complete" button on the "My Tasks" page is disabled when it shouldn't be.
Project ServerAutoFilter performance in Resource Center is slow when large numbers of resources are in the view.
Project ServerCalculated measures are not upgraded correctly when you upgrade from Project 2007.
Project ServerA project that belongs to an Enterprise Project Type whose property was changed from Workflow to Non-Workflow (or vice versa) does not appear or does not appear correctly on the Change or Restart Workflows settings page.
Project ServerCreation of a Project Workspace does not succeed, but a record that the creation was successful is written to the publish database in Project Server. After the fix, the mistaken record is no longer written to the publish database.
Project ServerActual work time that is submitted through MyTasks in Project Web Access is moved to a different day when the project is opened in Project.
Project ServerThe server scheduling engine does not support effort-driven or fixed work tasks in the Schedule WebPart.
Project ServerWhen updates are accepted, task start and finish dates change unexpectedly.
Project ServerA policy was added in SP1 to automatically redirect extensions to use the latest version of the Project Server Library DLL.
Project ServerApproval fails for self-assigning team tasks.
Project Server"Work value used is invalid" error occurs when you save a resource plan that has very small time-phased work values in Project Web Access.
Project ServerWhen you update an Enterprise task Custom Field by using the Project Server Interface (PSI), the task duration is changed to 100-percent complete for the updated task.
Project ServerWhen a user submits changes through My Tasks and the updates are accepted by the project manager, the start date of the task is changed unexpectedly.
Project ServerUsers who have appropriate permissions receive an error message when they try to access a subproject in a master project in Project Center view.
Project ServerIn certain language versions, you cannot load views in Project Server 2010 after you upgrade from Project Server 2007.
Project ServerResource-synced tasks are not editable in the schedule web part when in edit mode.
Project ServerBeginning with SP1, team member support is included for the Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari browsers. For example, team members can now use these browsers to submit time and status information on their tasks.
Project ServerWhen you click "Assign To Me" for tasks that are assigned to a pool resource, an error occurs.
Project ServerThe Set-SPProjectWebInstance cmdlet does not work to update the host header site.
Project ServerWhen you modify status through Project Web Access or through the Project APIs, changes to "Actual Work" on manually scheduled tasks that have a 0-hour duration do not persist.
Project ServerSummary tasks create virtual links to their subtasks. This causes scheduling to be determined by subtask instead of by rollup summary.
Project ServerWhen you have a view filter that excludes one or more inserted subprojects, the view does not load when you try to expand all inserted subprojects.
Project ServerWhen the Projectproxy.QueueUpdateProject PSI method is used to change the start date of a task on a server that has protected actuals enabled, the actuals will incorrectly move along with the start date of the project.
Project ServerWhen a Project Web Access subscription is deleted, the path cannot be reused.
Search Server
Search ServerFileshare crawls will fail with "access denied" if the default access account or the account specified by a crawl rule to run the crawl does not have access to the search temp folder.
Search ServerDisallow directives in robots.txt files are not parsed in a way that is consistent with the de facto robots exclusion standard.
Search ServerPowerShell example help for "New-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication" incorrectly references "New-SPIisWebServiceApplicationPool" instead of "New-SPServiceApplicationPool."
Search ServerA people search query returns inaccurate results.
Search ServerA Notes item cannot be crawled if a non-user/group/role string is in the Readers field of the item.
Search ServerThe system cannot crawl PPSX files.
Search ServerHost redistribution doesn't make progress if the SQL Server with the configuration database is unavailable for longer than 10 minutes.
Search ServerWhen the search system is computing relevance statistics in the background, query performance can be affected, and end-users may experience slow queries.
Search ServerMany documents that were upgraded from earlier versions have the author listed as "-1;#;"on the search results page.
Search ServerIf you are using the TR-TR Language Pack, you experience a JavaScript error when you try to create a crawl schedule.
Search ServerWhen you assign a host to a search crawl database and the host name contains an underscore character ("_"), the rule cannot be created.
Search ServerAn inaccurate result count is estimated for queries that have multiple sub-queries. (And an unnecessary "next" button may appear on the results page.)
Search ServerIf a user attempts a config-only restore on a farm different from the one on which the backup was taken, the restore fails with the following error: "System.ArgumentException: localStoragePath at Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Administration.SearchApi.AssertParameter(String parameterName, Boolean condition).
Search ServerPeople search results are duplicated starting on page 8.
Search ServerAn upgrade does not succeed if the Search SSA administrator no longer exists in the Active Directory.
Search ServerAfter topology changes, crawls are stalled for several hours.
Search ServerTopology changes that add or remove a crawl store are not restartable if they are not successful.
Search ServerIf a search crawl host redistribution operation is interrupted by a temporary connectivity problem, the progress indicator of the operation is no longer accurate.
Search ServerWhen you rename a crawl store, entries for the old name and the new name appear in the topology administration pages. 
Search ServerWhen a crawl store is removed, outgoing anchor links to documents in content sources that were not crawled yet are not redistributed.
Search ServerA restarted host redistribution creates duplicate anchor text data in the redistributed store.
Search ServerQuerying in the Serbian language does not work.
Search ServerWhen you search for an HTML file, the result contains several words that are not separated by spaces.
Search ServerIn certain languages, tooltips appearing over the search crawl logs filter specification dropdown lists contain code characters not intended for reading.
Search ServerHealth Analyzer in Microsoft Search Server Express displays a false warning: "Trial period for this product is about to expire."
Search ServerCrawls in FAST Search for SharePoint stop responding. A search service restart is required to recover.
Search ServerSearch does not index the File Server Resource Manager properties of Windows files that are not Office files, such as .txt files.
Search ServerThe page for administering search crawl rules displays an English error message in non-English language versions when a non-valid site name is encountered.
Search ServerIf a query component is not mirrored and its index becomes corrupted, the corrupted component is shown as “Not responding”. An index reset does not resolve the situation.
Search ServerYou issue a query that includes a phrase as a synonym to one of the terms. If more than one instance of that phrase occurs in a URL, a crash occurs.
Search ServerWhen the dedicated web front end servers (WFEs) for a search deployment are down, search redirects traffic to all the remaining WFEs. This overloads the system.
Search ServerThe crawler stops responding after processing a large number of links.
Search ServerPhonetic People Search does not work correctly for the Russian and Korean languages.
Search ServerSearch administration reports for a larger SharePoint farm (with multiple search service applications or multiple web frontends and query servers) show a query rate that exceeds the actual number of queries that users are executing.
Search ServerThe search crawl log page includes obscure error information about index deletions.
Search ServerYou cannot create a new search service application by using pre-existing empty databases.
Search ServerIf you enter a query that begins with a double-quotation mark but does not end with a double-quotation mark, an error message is returned.
Search ServerThe search content sources administration page loads very slowly when there are many content sources defined.
Search ServerYou try to perform a restore, but the restore fails. You receive an error message that identifies the cause but not the location (the component from which the error originated).
Search ServerAfter a search restore is performed, the "dedicated" setting of a crawl store is lost.
Search ServerAfter a restart of the Search service, the crawler sometimes stops responding, and a service restart is required.
Search ServerYou set the "Has Multiple Values" field for a built-in date/time managed property that is part of the restricted set of managed properties that are retrieved on each query. In this scenario, all queries return "Internal server exception."
Search ServerBefore SP1, it was cumbersome to write a new web part or to extend an OOB web part. Starting with SP1, a new API is available (LocationConfigurationsCollection object) that makes these jobs easier.
Search ServerA malformed query exception occurs when you execute a full-text query that includes an integer multivalued property in the where clause.
Search ServerAdministrators are able to create a crawled property whose name is non-numeric, using the SharePoint Search Windows PowerShell cmdlet "New-SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataCrawledProperty", with the "-IsNameEnum" flag set to $true. This crawled property breaks the search schema, and will cause subsequent search crawls to be stuck in the "Starting" state.
Search ServerQueryManager.GetResults() is not public. Starting with SP1, QueryManager.GetResults() is public. This clarifies for developers that you have to add the LocationList to the queue QueryManager before you execute a query.
Search ServerYou cannot determine which result page is the source of a logged click.
Search ServerA query logging search session lasts for a full day and may end in the middle of an actual search session. The fix requires PSConfig to be run after applying SP1.
Search ServerYou try to index some HTML files that contain noindex div blocks. However, some text in the noindex div blocks gets indexed and is searchable.
Search ServerYou cannot create a scope filter of greater than 2,047 characters (although the defined maximum is 51,200 characters).
SharePointThe server contacts template opens as read-only in the Access client.
SharePointWebDav requests from a client-side application to a particular site can skew the web analytics results for that site
SharePointWhen the report consolidator tries to create a new partition and the system is out of disk space, the reports that use data in the new partition will show no data.
SharePointWhen a task for Approval Workflow is deleted, the"Deleted By" information is incorrect.
SharePointSearch crawls the Drop Off Library although it is only temporary storage and should not be indexed.
SharePointThe copy/move operation is visible in the site manager user interface for users who are not site collection administrators.
SharePointWhen the w3wp process starts, first-time hits to Metadata Navigation take a long time to complete.
SharePointIn a document library there are shared content types between documents and documents sets. If one of the fields in these shared content types is marked as shared in the document set, that field becomes read-only for all documents that are outside of the document set in that document library.
SharePointWhen nonalphanumeric characters, such as an ampersand, are entered as part of the alternate text of a publishing image, the alternate text becomes overencoded.
SharePointUsers cannot access the local taxonomy group to create local taxonomy fields by using code.
SharePointA subweb in a site contains nonalphanumeric characters, and a document library within that web is set to open Office documents by using the Web Viewer. An HTTP 400 error occurs when you click a document ID link in this scenario.
SharePointThe audit trail is lost when an item is sent to the drop off library and does not automatically get routed to the final destination.
SharePointIf a user creates a site collection, deletes it, and then re-creates the site collection by using the same name, the site collection group is not re-created in the term store.
SharePointThe Japanese translation for "Make Homepage" is inccurate.
SharePointA user writing custom administration tools using TypeDescriptor.MergeXml gets server-side InvalidProgramException errors.
SharePoint"ArgumentException: The provided URI scheme 'https' is invalid; expected 'http'" error occurs when Business Connectivity Services is used  to connect by using HTTPS to a WCF line-of-business system that is based on SOAP 1.1.
SharePoint“Argument must be between 0 and 3. Parameter name: fieldCount” error occurs when the user tries to view the summary of the external content type in the ViewBDCApplication.aspx page or the details of the external content type in the ViewBDCEntity.aspx page, if the version of an external content type does not contain build or revision components.
SharePointA call to GetLobSystemById or to GetLobSystemInstanceById public APIs on the remote administration web service with performErrorCheck set to false returns ArgumentNullExceptions.
SharePointWhen a user's profile picture is deleted, the entire folder is deleted if the user's pictureURL field is set to valid folder URL.
SharePointWorkflow cleanup process is inefficient.
SharePointPrior to SP1, SharePoint administrators could not set a limit on the number of Broadcast Slideshow attendees through a PowerShell cmdlet. Beginning with SP1, this functionality is included.
SharePointUser cannot recover deleted SPSite and SPWeb objects.
SharePointOutput caching does not work when a web part is configured to target an audience that contains users who belong to more than one audience.
SharePointGeneration of news feeds on My Sites is governed by the Activity Feed Timer Job. Before SP1, this timer job was turned off by default over privacy concerns regarding news feeds. Therefore, no activities were generated on the My Site news feed by default. Starting with SP1, a setting on the My Site Settings page for User Profile Service Administrators provides control over news feed behavior. The Activity Feed Timer Job is now always enabled, but administrators can use this new setting to opt in or opt out of news feeds.
SharePointYou cannot customize the runtime behavior of the Social Security Trimmer, which is used when you retrieve social data, such as tags, notes, ratings, or Newsfeed data.
SharePointBefore SP1, SharePoint Server 2010 did not support SQL Server Code Name "Denali" (SQL 11).
SharePointStarting with SP1, a new -RbsProviderMapping parameter is added to the Move-SPSite PowerShell cmdlet to let the operation keep file content stored in RBS in the same location when the same RBS provider is configured on both the source and the target content databases.
SharePointWhen you use the Chart Web Part on a page in a site that is enabled for anonymous access, the Chart Web Part will crash and return "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" message.
SharePointA call to listdata.svc will fail for lists that contains a calculated field for which the validation formula returns a boolean value and for which the data type is set to "Yes/No."
SharePointUsing Linq to SharePoint in partially trusted code applications will fail if the Linq query contains reference to local variables.
SharePointBefore SP1, there was no way for developers for obtain custom errors and exceptions back for Listdata.svc. Starting with SP1, developers can set the CallStack property to "true" in the web.config file to obtain the actual error message and the call stack.
SharePointImage URLs are broken after you apply a theme.
SharePointA date field in a MySites page does not let user enter a date in the user's native date format.
SharePointParentheses are positioned incorrectly in "right-to-left" languages in Group By view.
SharePointUsers cannot use the My Site Settings page to accept "Secondary My Site Owner" input.
SharePointWhen you add the colleagues web part to your My Content page and then click the link to manage colleagues from the colleagues web part, you receive an error message.
SharePointThe user adds a Media Player Silverlight control on a SharePoint page and then loads an unsupported video file into the control. In this scenario, there is no convenient way for the user to access the file through an alternative media player.
SharePointBefore SP1, there was no convenient way for users to select a video frame to set as the Thumbnail. Starting with SP1, this functionality is provided through the "Video Thumbnail Picker" feature.
SharePointYou use the Silverlight-based Organization Browser to find a specific person, and then you visit another webpage. If you then click "Back" in the browser, the specific (person found) webpage  is not remembered. The default page is displayed instead.
SharePointWhen the Silverlight-based Organization Browser is included on a page that is not in the same web application as the profile page where the browser is included by default, the browser will prompt for a username/password or just not work.
SharePointWhen you view a list that is displayed as "Group By" sections, the dates in those sections are not localized. Therefore, those dates may seem to be wrong.
SharePointHebrew dates that are displayed in group headers in an XSLTListViewWebPart are incorrect when grouping is enabled.
SharePointThe Media section of the ribbon contains two buttons that are nonfunctional for editing or creating blog posts, "Audio and Video" and "From SharePoint" under Images.
SharePointUsers cannot see how their SharePoint storage is being used.
SharePointThe upgrade progress indicator in the SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard get stuck at "10%" while you are running an upgrade after you apply an update.
SharePointIf third-party code fails while it reacts to SharePoint password changes, the password change process is not completed.
SharePointIf you create a one-letter list name, the tree view control will display the wrong information and issue an expensive query.
SharePointYou cannot create a new OneNote notebook in a OneNote 2010 document library. The following error appears: "'New Document' requires a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation-compatible application and web browser. To add a document to this document library, click the 'Upload Document' button."
SharePointPerformance issues exist when downloading large files.
SharePointWhen you edit permissions, the keyboard focus on browsers other than Internet Explorer is not correctly placed in the dialog box when you click the Grant Permissions ribbon button.
SharePointSmall ribbon buttons may be read as "javascript:" by screen readers.
SharePointA JavaScript error occurs when using the Picture Library Slideshow Webpart and there is a carriage return in the picture description.
SharePointA SharePoint managed account user receives repeated password expiration warnings even though the account's password is set to never expire.
SharePointAn email alert is not sent when a document is deleted that does not have a major (published) version.
SharePointThe Document expiration column gets modified when a full crawl is run.
SharePointAlerts do not function correctly in several scenarios.
SharePointIf you have a required multiple value lookup that is not included in the view, when you switch to datasheet view, duplicated entries are displayed.
SharePointThe browser is not automatically refreshed after a form is saved to the form library by using the "Edit in Microsoft Office InfoPath" functionality.
SharePointSPWeb.GetSiteData(SPSiteDataQuery) that filters on an indexed field has poor performance when list items are organized into folders.
SharePointThe default settings on content databases for maximum number of site collections and for warning level for site collections are higher than the current published guidelines recommend.
SharePointWhen a user uploads a document that has a very large number (such as 1 million)  of links, the database becomes bogged down.
SharePointAfter you apply an update but before the build-to-build upgrade is run, some components, such as the "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Import” timer job, are not executed.
SharePointDeleting a Recycle Bin item takes too long.
SharePointAfter a full crawl, items that were deleted between the last incremental crawl and the full crawl remain in the index and remain searchable. Starting with SP1, these deleted items are removed from the search index after a full or incremental crawl.
SharePointOperations, such as "stsadm -o backup", "stsadm -o mergecontentdbs", or the Move-SPSite Windows PowerShell cmdlet, do not work correctly for some language sites.
SharePointOrphan data is left behind in the database after versioned list items are deleted from the Recycle Bin.
SharePointYou move a site collection, but the config database updates fails. Therefore, the site collection is not available in the new location. It is also not available in the original location because was deleted.
SharePointWhen you issue an SPQuery that uses list joins and projections, the query returns a "One or more field types are not installed properly ... " error message.
SharePointOn Galician blog sites, the date box on the left side of a blog entry shows the month and the day reversed.
SharePointWhen you click "Test Link" in the Image Viewer web part,  the browser crashes.
SharePointUsers experience publishing failures.
SharePointWhen you send a meeting request that has an exception to a SharePoint calendar, only the last exception is displayed on the Calendar. If you try to send that same meeting request again, the last exception is duplicated, and the duplicate event cannot be deleted.
SharePointWhen you delete a folder that is inside a list, attachments to the list items that are contained in the folder are not deleted.
SharePointThe JAWS screen reader reads ribbon menus incorrectly in Firefox.
SharePointRight and left alignment icons in the Ribbon are mirrored incorrectly in "right-to-left" language versions.
SharePointBefore SP1, you could not have some pages rendered in Internet Explorer 9 document mode (instead of Internet Explorer 8). Starting with SP1, a control is available that lets you set individual pages to be rendered in Internet Explorer 9.
SharePointCalendar view is not rendered correctly when the browser window is resized.
SharePointIf a SharePoint managed account is removed in Active Directory, the account cannot be unregistered from SharePoint.
SharePointWhen you try to search in Help as a non-administrator, no results are returned.
SharePointURLs to documents in document libraries are very long and include the Source parameter when the URL is copied (e.g., by right-clicking and selecting Copy Shortcut). In SP1, the Source parameter is not included in a copied URL, so the URL is much shorter.
SharePointOn a single page, if a combination of a CAML list view (or any non-XSLT list view, such as Calendar) and an XSLT list view (list or document library) is present and Group By views is enabled on the XSLT view, a problem occurs when groups in the XSLT list view are expanded. After a page refresh, a script error occurs and the groups cannot be expanded again.
SharePointWhen you use the Backup-SPSite Windows PowerShell cmdlet with the -UseSqlSnapshot parameter, an error occurs.
SharePointAfter a user changes a doclib content type field from required to hidden, they cannot check in a file of that content type.
SharePointThe Quick Launch is difficult to navigate using accessibility tools.
SharePointBefore SP1, the Title field on attachments was a required field. Therefore, users had to supply a title to save a document. Starting with SP1,  the Title field is no longer a required field.
SharePointGroup owners cannot delete the SharePoint groups that they own.