18 February, 2011

You cannot use SharePoint. Your System Administrator has turned off this feature.

Hello Everybody,

Recently i was unable to open the attachments from outlook, not all but the attachments which was from sharepoint communications i.e. autogenerated emails from Alerts.

OR you will face this issue:

Any Task list | Actions toolbar item | Connect to Outlook
Receive an alert (from task, list, calendar, file, etc) in Outlook and try to open it.

Error Message: You cannot use SharePoint. Your System Administrator has turned off this feature.


I made the following changes in Registry Key and able to make it work. Now i can open all the attachments without any issues.

1.On the command-line and run REGEDIT

2.Go to


3.Double-click on the disable and change it to 0 from 1 and click ok.

4. Restart outlook and check the results

It will work as expected, Thanks

If you have any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know, Thanks

How to create a survey in sharepoint 2010

Please refer the following steps regarding the survey creation.

-Click the Site Actions menu and select the Create option. The Create page will open

-Under Tracking, click Survey.

-Enter the name for the Survey as per your requirements

-Keep the default options as it is (eg. click Yes to display the survey in the quick launch)

-Select the proper options in the survey options.

-Next, Select the question type and settings and click Next Question

-When you’ve entered all questions, click Finish.
if you wants to make any modifications in the created survey then please follow these steps:

-open the survey list that we have just created


-Survey Settings

you will see everything listed out here regarding the survey columns,survey permissions,advanced settings for the survey etc...

If you face any issues regarding the above mentioned steps then please let me know... I would be more than happy to help you as well as resolves your issues, Thanks