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I start this blog on March 2009, I simply love it. I made the screen casts, it’s not because I am a master of it. There are times when I discover something new with the SharePoint, and I thought, “Oh I will make screen casts of it” and hope it will also help other beginners.

I really hope my posts will be able to help, do not forget to check my blog, always a new tip!

If you need help, just leave a comment or contact me, I would be more than HAPPY to HELP U as well as RESOLVES UR ISSUES

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  1. Hey Amol your blog is interesting.

    I have these issues with SHarepoint 2007 search where i created a New Site and that site does Search does not seems to work with calendar events. I have few Calendar events but when i saerch with thier title name results are none

    not sure what is pb ?

    1. Thank you Mukesh.

      - Are these events recently created?
      - Is this the problem restricted to only one site collection/ subsite?
      - Can you please make sure that the site is properly crawled and indexed?
      - Do we have any errors in the search crawl logs regarding this?
      - Do we have any errors in the application event logs?
      - If you go to the cal settings then make sure that the setting regarding "search calendar" is already checked.

      Please check the above information and let me know in case of any further queries, Thank you.

  2. I am using MOSS 2007 enterprise, SUddenly , i found that Global navigation and Current navigation is not working..being office sharepoint Infrastructure publishing feature is enabled at sote collection level.
    I dont see items in Global navigation and Current navigation. I get a message if I hover a mouse on "Move Up" tab as "(Disabled) Move the selected item up". All subsites are visible now inclduing hidden subsites as well.
    Please help me out.

    1. What exactly happened and after that the issue started with the navigation?

      If you try to create a new item in global as well as current navigation then what happens? can we see that item or face the same problem?? can you please check this?

      also- can you please check the windows event application logs regarding this ? as well as SP logs to check any exceptions error messages??

      Please check and let me know in case of any issues/queries....Thanks for your patience

  3. Thanks for quick response.
    Actally, I have more than 30 subsites and 10 subsites are made visible and others are kept hidden thru navigation bar. On last friday when i open site navigation page, i did not find itemsto mke show/hide, and it happened with all other subistes as well.
    I guess, it might be due to max no of subsites to be displayed could be the cause which might be earlier set as to some number and now it has stopped showing all items.
    Please revert.
    Can you share me your email id so that i can send you snap of page and windows log and other data?

    1. amol.ghuge@live.com-please send me the snapshots so that i can check and revert. Thank you

  4. I have sent you an email. Please check.

  5. Hi Amol,
    it got resolved suddenly after I reset IIS 4 times.
    Thanks for all your help.

  6. Thanks 4 the confirmation...Great 2 hear that the issue has been resolved :)

    let me know in case of any further queries/questions so that we can discuss and resolve it asap. Thank you.

  7. Hi Amol,

    Thanks for your time.
    I can see it at parent site level, not for all subsites.
    What could be the cause? Why it has happended?

  8. Its really great that the issue has been resolved by doing iisreset.

    Regarding subsites, i would suggest you to check the navigation part once and make the necessary adjustments as it has the option of inheritance.

    why this happened? it difficult to conclude right now as what should be the cause. I have reviewed the sp logs that you sent and no specific exceptions that reflects anything regarding publishing or navigation.

    from future perspectives, please let me know in case of any issues. I will try my best to resolve it.

  9. Hi Amol,
    Thanks a ton.

    How to check navigation part at subsites since I don’t see any items as per screenshot I sent you earlier?
    Also, I tried upgrading MOSS wizard and it got failed at 5th step and 6th step. (Please refer attached log)

  10. navigation can be check as: site actions->site settings->navigation.

    regarding upgrade failure- could you please paste the appropriate logs on my blog where are doing the communication. Thank you

  11. Hi Amol
    You have been doing nice work...
    I have a query..The "Connect to Outlook" option is disabled for custom list. I am using IE8 and Outlook 2003..
    How can i enable this option ? Please help

  12. Hello Sir- Thank you.

    I think you are facing this problem because of office. if possible then could you please install Office 2007 (Recommended Version).

    this will resolves your issue..

    Please let me know in case of any issues, Thank you.

  13. I have written one article on the same as we discussed so many possibilities:

    Please check and let me know in case of any issues, Thank you.

  14. Hi Amol,
    I am first time visiting your blog, it's very nice. I have gone through few articles and reading all which are useful to me. Appreciate it.


  15. Thank you Ashish for your kind words and appreciation.

    In case of any queries/questions then please me know, Thank you once again.

  16. Hi Amol,

    Can u help me in this,
    I have sharepoint 2007 on windows 7 machine. I have created one infopath form and published it with new doc library. When I opened it from SP as new doc, it opened in infopath client office. When I tried to save it I was not abled to save it back in doc library instead it was saving in local machine. I googled and updated my windows 7 with "Webfldrs-KB907306-ENU" patch. After this I am able to save the form in SP doc library, but while saving it is displaying dialog box as "File already exists." though the Doc library is empty. Why this message is there?.

    Ashish Nagpure

  17. Hello Ashish,

    it is quite strange that you are not able to save it to the same document library...

    Here are my views on this:
    - make sure that you have a proper data connections path associated with the library, because in the data connection path, we can set the desired file name extensions on which the file will be saved.

    two users are working on the same file. both cannot save the same file with the same name so there should be something different, may be employee id, emp id with date stamp etc..

    we can associate such things with DC path and you can correctly save the file back to the document library.

    2nd suggestion is make sure that you have correct location for "File save". because we can select different library also for storing the files that we will save

    it is not necessary that the form we published on one doc library will be the same one POC for file save also.

    let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks for your patience

    1. Little improvement.

      In the previous scenario, I had created the Infopath, publish to doc lib etc.., before installing the patch "Webfldrs-KB907306-ENU". I deleted the everything, and recreated IP, publish to doc lib, after installing the patch. Now, when doc library is empty,
      1) Go to doc lib. ->New, Infopath get open in client office.
      2) After filling, click on Save, type any file name like "xyz.xml"
      3)Message box "------ file already exists? Do you want to replace it?"
      4)If Yes, file gets stored in the doc library with the given name.

      Why file is already exist, though you provide any file name and Doc library is empty.
      is it saving the template every time.

      Note - While editing message is not there.

      Ashish Nagpure

  18. I am not able to do editing in sharepoint survey we have made
    Pl advise

  19. I am not able to make changes in the format of questions like underline, change colour, bold etc Any suggestions

  20. Out of box its not possible but you can make the changes using SPD. lets try and let me know in case of any queries, thanks for your patience.

  21. Hi Amol,
    I often go through your blogs and they are quite helpfull.I had 1 question to ask you.
    I have a SharePoint list in my client's SharePoint 2010 environment. When the users try to export data from this list to excel sheet using the "Export to Excel" option then the export is completed without any error message but when we open the excel sheet and check then there is some data missing.

    For example there is 1 column named "Latest Updates" which is a "multiple line of text" and "Append Changes to the Text" has been enabled for this column. In this column user will enter all the latest updates he performed to the list. The list has been enabled versioning. The excel sheet produced after exporting to excel either contains this field as blank even though they have relevant data or in some cases the data is incomplete in this field.

    There is one more field of People and Group type, when it contains more that one person then the excel shows the name of the first person and the others will be represented by # followed by some numbers. I suppose these are user Id's. But I want the excel to contain all the name.

    Please advise what can be done in order to avoid this data loss in both the cases.

    Thanks in Advance!

    1. this is quite known as 'export to excel' does not carry multiple lines of text info.

      what i would suggest is if you are trying to replicate the list then use the 'content and structure' option. let me know your thoughts

  22. Hi Amol,

    Need your help. We have SharePoint 2010 Foundation version. The only workflow availabe is three stage one. We need to take in a case and have it monitored and escalated within a specific period to a supervisor for action. Can it be done in a three stage workflow? To my understanding three stage workflow doesnt work on time criteria. Please help me. Client has already eaten half of my brain.

    1. I would recommend you to create a workflows by using sharepoint designer, that will be helps you to meet the requirements with respect to time criteria. please refer the following link, it will help you to get the workflow basics clear:

  23. Interesting as well as wonderful blog Amol! You are doing a fantastic job by writing extremely valuable information in a simple manner so that there would be no confusion in terms of execution.

  24. Hiii Amol ,

    I am deepak from Mohali(Punjab) .I am facing Poblem when i UnInstall Share Point-2010 server so error message shows like this:::

    This product installation has been corrupted Run setup again from the CD,DVd or other original installation source

    I have also done step which is mention in your post but the problem is still there please reply ASAP I am waiting for your responce

    Deepak chauhan

    1. it seems that you are trying to uninstall by means of Add\Remove programs and getting this error message as mentioned above.

      I would suggest you to run the installation source file again i.e. .exe, let it be running and see whats the error message, surely it will show you some better error message with respect to exact name of the file which is missing.

      please check and let me know the results, thank you

  25. Your blog always helped me to get the directions on my troubleshooting as well as resolves so many issues..

    Keep writing such valuable articles!

  26. hi amol i want your email address please i need help!!

  27. actulaly i was applying all the points in this blog


    i think it excited one ! .. but im stack on step 6 so could you help me please ? thank you !

    1. Could you please convey whats exactly the problem is so that we can discuss and proceed further? Thank you.

  28. nice representation of everything!

  29. Hi Amol,
    I am facing problem to create destination folder in custom upload form for document library in SharePoint 2007.
    Uploading a document in document library; I want to add radio buttons on upload form to select "Current Folder" or "Select Folder" to upload the document to a specific folder.

    I have searched a lot on the web but not succeed.


    1. could you please share the code that you are using so that i can check from my side? Thank you.

  30. Awesome blog!!
    I am inspired by your writing and dedication. Appreciable contribution and you truly deserve MVP :)

    1. Hey Vaibhav, Thanks buddy for the appreciation and kind words. Where are you nowadays? Hope doing good! Thanks again

  31. It is really informative and support blog Amol Ghuge, May I request any help when ever I required ?

    1. anytime :) Just drop a note and i would be there!

  32. Hi there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and found that it is truly informative. I am gonna watch out for brussels.

    I'll appreciate if you continue this in future.

    Numerous people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  33. Your contribution is indeed valuable! Thanks.

  34. I'm trying to figure out how to add a notification email to a survey. Does anyone know how to set up this workflow?

    1. WF cannot be attached directly to Survey List. Because Survey list has different behavior. i.e. when we are defining questions we are creating columns and when anybody completing survey response , actually items are getting created in survey list.

      You need to create SPD WF to send reminder on interval because OOTB WF will not help you send reminder. Please see the below blogs for your ref:



      Please let me know in case of any further queries, Thanks for your patience!

  35. Hi Amol,

    I have been following your blog for a long time now, my best wishes for you in successful posts.

    I am working on SharePoint 2007, my requirement is to get the last access date and time of a site collection. Could you please guide me the best way of achieving it ?

    I already read your post related to it, but are you sure that querying it against a content DB would give us the prompt last accessed date information ?

    Thanks in advance.

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