23 November, 2013

solution deployment stuck on deploying

Solution deployment is the task that we do on daily basis. This is the task in which SharePoint developer and administrator works in proper co-ordination.

Problem description-
I was deploying the solution in our production environment and faced some strange issue. When I add a solution using PowerShell command its says operation completed successful.
Add-SPSolution –LiteralPath "<file_path>\name of the wsp” is stored"

So the next stage is install solution, I executed the following command
Install-SPSolution -Identity "name of the solution.wsp" -WebApplication http://sharepointplanet.galaxy.com –GACDeployment

I checked the statuses of the solution in central administration->system settings->manage farm solutions and the status never changes from deploying.

By means of this article, I will try to share the resolution worked for me and possible recommendations you can try to resolve this issue completely.

Resolution worked for me-
It turned out that one of our servers on which we have stopped the timer service + World Wide Web publishing service due to patches incompatibility and it was waiting on this server to complete.  If you have more than one server in your farm ensure that the SharePoint TIMER services are running on all.

How you can check the above-
1.   On any server->start->run->services.msc->enter->this will open the services console.

2.   Now type s-> this will give you all the services that start with S->look for SharePoint timer service and make sure it’s in started mode.

3.   This service should be started on all the front ends as well as application server.

Possible Resolutions-
1.   Make sure SharePoint timer service should be started on all the servers (web front ends as well as app server)
2.   Try restarting the SharePoint Administration service on all the servers.
3.   Restart all the SharePoint servers
4.   Make sure that all the servers in farm are on the same time zone.
5.   Execute stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs on all the servers of the farm
6.   Cancel the deployment job by means of central administration, remove the solution and try to add the solution again & check the results.
7.   Check the status of the jobs by means of CA-timer job status or use te following command - stsadm -o enumdeployments   - This will give you the list of all the pending & active deployments.

After trying all the steps, nothing works then please checks the logs and find out the root cause.

In case of any problems with respect to logs then please share here so that I can help you out!

I hope the above information will be helpful to deploy the solution successfully. Thank you.

If you have any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know, Thank you.

Product applies to-
1)   SharePoint Server 2010
2)   SharePoint Foundation 2010
3)   SharePoint Server 2013
4)   SharePoint Foundation 2013


  1. Another suggestion-
    Try restarting the Windows Service - SharePoint Timer service on all servers in the farm. Have you incompletely removed a server from the farm? Check the deployment job - what's it doing? You could try killing it and then removing and restarting the deployment.

  2. Sharing my exp.-
    See which server in the farm is the problem maker and restarted timer service of that server and mostly it should take care of this issue.

  3. Just fabulous! it works for me...

  4. Use the same Install-SPSolution on every server with -force -local parameter or us -sync option

  5. Check your timer service on all WFEs and CA or alternatively try running Start-SPAdminJob


  6. Try stsadm -o enumdeployments

    Then using the GUID, stasadm -o canceldeployment

    I find that this can actually sometimes successfully completes the deployment.
    Check the status and DLL's to make sure it went to all servers

    Reboot your servers if restarting the services mentioned above doesn't fix this in the future

  7. Yes I've had this before and was due to one of the servers within the farm having it's Timer Service stopped! Well said everyone!!

  8. Hi Amol,
    Here's what I do....


    Make sure all deployments are set to DEPLOYING before stopping the services.
    Command prompt, run as Admin on WFE and SQL if you are running SSRS integrated mode.
    Stop the SharePoint Admin Service
    Stop the SharePoint Timer service

    1) Run stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs on your CA server.
    2) Run stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs on all the farm members that have stsadm.
    3) Restart the Timer Service on all farm members.
    4) Restart the SharePoint Admin service

    That should fix it.

    Rob Sexton

    1. Thanks for the valuable suggestion. This will be helpful for the entire SharePoint Communities...

  9. try stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs

    Sushil Kumar

  10. See which server in the farm is the problem maker and restarted timer service of that server and mostly it should take care of this issue.

    Gurpreet Sandhu
    Sr. Application Developer/Team Lead

  11. There could be various reasons for this . Few of them could be as follows
    - One of the servers might not be updated to proper patch /service packs/CU/PU or faulty in the farm.
    - Any one of the server might have one of the sharepoint services stopped
    - Admin/Timer service might be stopped in one of the servers.

    -Umesh Barapatre

  12. Before deploying the WSP, restart the timer job and try.

    -RaviChandra Maniyani

  13. Do other timer jobs fire?
    If they don't, you may want to try this http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2616609/en-us

    Pavel Chaplygin

  14. if you have control of the Solution, try redeploying as a WebApp solution to one web app, instead of a GAC solution. Alternatively, try using the SPAdmin account or SP Installation Account.

    Joel Plaut

  15. Restart SPTimerV4 service

    Ashish Madkaikar

  16. yes. check with other WFE which is associated with farm. this could be the issue

    Raj Kumar Dhanraj

  17. Your Guidelines works for me Amol, Thank you.

  18. If this is on SharePoint 2007, you can force solutions to deploy with execadmin services command. If it is on SharePoint 2010, you can attempt to find out more information by utilizing the PowerShell get-spsolution. Lastly, try to deploy with the -force parameter from the command line. If you are not able to deploy with -force, you may have systemic problems such as the farm is stuck in Upgrade status.

    Ted Lasseter
    Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft

  19. Check your Timer Service in services

    -Tariq Afzal
    Assistant Manager

  20. Use the process manager to check what all process are using the dll and you may have to clear the temp gac and also check if the timer service is running , restart the timer service... we had a similar issue we had to clear the temp gac..

    -Vinod Kevaliya
    SharePoint COE Infrastructure Lead Architect - EMEA at CBRE

  21. Check your timer service on all WFEs and CA or alternatively try running Start-SPAdminJob

    Harpreet Behl

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