23 August, 2012

Need to disable word breaker in the SharePoint 2010 search engine

A word breaker is a component that is used to break strings of text into individual words during the indexing and querying processes. During the indexing process, text is extracted from content items as an unbroken string of characters. Word breakers reestablish where each word in the string of characters begins and ends. Additionally, word breakers separate compound words so that users receive a query result on a portion of the original compound word and also on the individual terms that compose the compound word. Word breakers also convert numbers and dates from content items into a standard form.

Each language has a different word breaker. The indexing engine determines which word breaker to use and, if more than one language is detected, can use more than one word breaker for text that comes from a single document. If a word breaker does not exist for a particular language, the neutral word breaker is used.

Problem Description:
Need to disable word breaker in the SharePoint 2010 search engine.

Note: No such OOB feature available in SPS 2010

1)   On the SharePoint Server(s) open Registry Editor (Start -> type “Regedit” and hit enter).
2)   Point to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office Server\14.0\Search\Setup\ContentIndexCommon\LanguageResources\Default\Swedish
3)   Rename string WBreakerClass to e.g.: WBreakerClassOLD, WBreakerClassSWE or any other name which will remind you of the original string.
4)   Point to Edit -> New -> String Value and name it; WBreakerClass
5)   Double click this string and paste {9DAA54E8-CD95-4107-8E7F-BA3F24732D95} as Value data and click OK
6)   Close the Registry Editor
7)   Point to Start -> Administrative Tools -> Services
8)   Right click on SharePoint Server Search 14 and click on Restart
9)   Close the Services window

v  Open Central Admin and point to:
§  General Application Settings
§  Farm Search Administration
§  open the Search Service Application
§  click Content Sources from the left navigation menu

10. Click on the content source and hit Start Full Crawl
11. Wait for the Full Crawl to complete and try searching again.

You can always revert to old search behavior by renaming the string WBreakerClass to WBreakerClassOLD (or just delete it) and rename the original WBreakerClassSWE back to WBreakerClass.
Of course you have to repeat step 6 to 9.


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