20 August, 2012

The Excel Services Application for SharePoint 2010 does not load or display workbooks

Problem Description:
The Excel Services application for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 does not load or display workbooks.

This problem may occur in one of the following scenarios:
• In a custom-security configuration. 
• When you add a new Web application to a farm. 
• When you do not perform a default installation. 

Probable causes:
This problem occurs because the service account that runs the Excel Services Application does not have access to the SharePoint content databases.

To resolve this problem, the administrator must grant access to the account to run the Excel Services Application. To do this, follow these steps for each Web application:
·         Click Start
·         click All Programs . 
·         Click Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products
·         Click SharePoint 2010 Management Shell

At the Windows PowerShell command prompt (PS C:\>), type the following command, and then press ENTER:

PS> $w = Get-SPWebApplication –Identity < URL of the Web application >

PS> $w.GrantAccessToProcessIdentity("< insert service account >")

Note: The placeholder <insert service account> represents the service account that you use to run the Excel Services Application. 
After you do this, the service account is granted db_owner access to the SharePoint content databases.

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