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09 July, 2010

Site Prompts for Credentials + How to add your sharepoint site in trusted file location zone - SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010

This is a very common issue in which the SharePoint site prompts for credentials i.e. username and password. By default, SharePoint sites should automatically log you in via your existing Windows credentials without ever asking any identity.

Yesterday, one of my user faced the same problem n would like to share the resolution with all of u.

Internet Explorer Security Settings: How to add your SharePoint site in trusted file location zone

Open the Internet Explorer/Browser

1.   Tools

2.   Internet Options

3.   Select Security Tab

4.   Sites Button

5.   Enter the website name (URL) in Add this website to the zone.

6.   If your SharePoint site is NOT using SSL, make sure you uncheck the box require server verification (https :) for all sites in this zone prior to adding it.

7.   Click Ok once and you will be redirected to following window:

8.   Click on Custom Level Tab now

Note: If you are getting the above tab greyed out then it means that you don’t have admin rights on your machine.

9.   Scrolls towards the bottom and select the option that says

Click OK Everything

Open your SharePoint site in a new browser and check the results

The above steps will resolves your login prompts issue and you should be able to access the SharePoint without any problems!!!

If you face any issue then please let me know... I would be more than happy to help you and resolves your queries as soon as possible. Thanks you.

02 December, 2009

Error: Library Not Registered

On our main Sharepoint page, we've got this drop-down-button in our main navigation that shows other sites and lets you click on them to access them. I believe it uses ActiveX controls. We've got one user (that we know of) who when she loads up the main page, that drop-down won't work for just does nothing. At the bottom-left of the page, IE shows an "error on page." When I double click on it to get the error, it says the following:

Line: 1936
Char: 4
Error: Library not registered.
Code: 0
URL: (the url of the page)

The fix is to do the following:

- Open Word
- Click the Office button (Top-left in the window)
- Click Word Options
- Click Resources
- Click the Diagnose button
- Click through the wizard until it’s finished
- Close all browser windows

That’s fixed all of our issues…

If you are using Office-2003 then please follow the below mentioned steps:

-Word 2003
- Help
-detect and repair
- check discard my customized settings and restore default settings

I hope the above information will helps u to resolve the issue !! Thanks !!

07 April, 2009

.swf Files Won't Play in IE7

Few days before, when i tried to put shockwave pages (.SWF files) in pageviewer webparts, it did not work. After doing some research and troubleshooting, i compare my two systems: one was using IE 6.0 and other was using IE 7.0

The .SWF files are working fine in the machine where IE 6.0 is present but the problem is with the IE 7.0. I understand this arises from a security "feature" in IE7 that blocks "Cross-Domain" shockwave objects.

I found there's a registry hack that disables this "feature."

Solution for this as mentioned below:-
Create a key named HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\Feature Control\FEATURE_BLOCK_LMZ_SCRIPT and add a REG_DWORD value to the key of 0 which should show up as 0x000000 (0)

Now my page views with .swfs in them work just fine.


Happy SharePoint to all of you…