08 September, 2013

Failed to start workflow. This server is not licensed + Nintex 2010 + SP2010

Problem description:
Some users reported that there are workflows with errors. This error occurs it looks like there is some issue with the license on a farm’s server.

Error message:
Failed to start workflow. This server is not licensed.

Probable Possibilities:
The server admins are incorrect; the Nintex licenses are not configured correctly.  If this were true, I would expect the error to occur more frequently, and not just when multiple workflows start.  For example, I would expect a workflow manual start to occasionally throw the error.

There is a problem with the way Nintex checks for licensing when workflows are distributed among front-end servers or queued up for execution.

If you are facing this error then request you to see the following thread and you will get the answers that you are looking for:

Thank you.

Product applies to:
1)   SharePoint Server 2010
2)   Nintex 2010
3)   SharePoint Foundation 2010

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