10 September, 2013

Datasheet view is disabled SharePoint 2010

Client machine attributes:
OS- windows 7
Explorer- IE9, 64-bit
SP version- SP2010

One of my users has reported an issue that he is facing some problems while using datasheet view. Further probing, we know the truth that he has created a custom list and then trying to click on ‘datasheet view’ but the option is disabled i.e. datasheet view is greyed out.

Error message:
This control is currently disabled.

Million thanks to Microsoft for publishing this KB and make it available to us to understand the background as well as resolution on this issue.

As per this article:
You can install the 2007 Office System Driver: Data Connectivity Components to enable the Datasheet component. These components are available from the Microsoft download center:

Concrete Fix:
Go for a 32-bit office version, rather than 64 bit.


  1. Hi
    Another option is to use KWizCom's SharePoint inline editor feature:

    The SharePoint in-line editor enables bulk-editing, but unlike the datasheet view, it is not an ActiveX, thus works on any browser.
    It also allows you to import data from Excel and you can edit custom columns (which are R/O in the Data sheet view).

    Nimrod Geva

    1. Thank you for sharing this valuable info!

  2. I was searching for resolution from last 2 days and now i heaved a sigh of relief by using your resolution. Thanks Amol!


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