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22 December, 2013

Precautions while installing sharepoint language packs?

Language packs enable you to create site collections and sites in multiple languages without requiring separate installations of SharePoint in each language.

SharePoint language pack is one of the vital functionality from ends user perspectives. This is just like another SP functionality that needs to be use on daily basis but yes its one time activity!

Hello All,
By means of this article, I would to consolidate audience’s views / comments so that it will be useful for all the SharePoint communities.

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05 September, 2013

Unable to create a secure URL cache + site could not be created + Group cannot be found + Verify that the file exists in the Layouts directory - SharePoint 2010

Recently I worked on language packs requirement and faced some problems. I would like to share some reviews with all of you so that it would be beneficial to all of you. One of my business owner has requested me to install the language packs (French and German) so we have downloaded the language packs from the following links:

Plain language pack

Language pack with service pack1

So by this way we have successfully installed the language packs on every server of the farm i.e. on every app as well as on every WFE.

Note: Make sure you run the psconfig on every server of the farm.
till this point, we are good without any problems.

But the problem started after this- We start creating the site collection by using this installed language packs example French! and it failed with the following ERROR MESSAGE:

The site /sites/French could not be created.  The following exception occurred: Error adding custom access permissions. Group cannot be found. 
   at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPGroup.InitMember() 
at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPGroup..ctor(SPWeb web, SPSecurableObject scopeSPUser user, String GroupName, Object[,] arrGroupsData, UInt32 index, Int32 iByParamId, SPGroupCollectionType groupCollectionType)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPGroupCollection.get_Item(String name) 
 at amolsharepoint.CustomPermission.Features.amolspCustomPermission.amolsharepointCustomPermissionEventReceiver.FeatureActivated(SPFeatureReceiverProperties properties).

So the problem is: not able to create the site collection

Tried creating the site collection by means of central administration as well as by PowerShell but got the same error as mentioned above.

From the error message, it’s quite clear that the problem is with specific solution/event receiver. Let me tell you that we have custom permissions in our environment and separate solution for that.

Involved developer and reviewed the specific solution and he has stated that the solution has been created & deployed with respect to English locale only so we need to make provisions for the other language packs.

Developer has made that provision and we deployed the solution again!

Tried creating the site again and it works this time.

So now one issue has been resolved regarding site creation! After this, we tried browsing the site collection and got the following error:

Unable to create a secure URL cache "1036/styles/customCOREV10_0020.CSS", file not found. Verify that the file exists in the Layouts directory.

From the error message, its quite clear what will be the next action plan!

What we did?

Simple copy the above mentioned .css file from english folder i.e. 1033 to French folder i.e. 1036.

That’s it- Try browsing the site now and it will open without any issues…

Thank you.

If you have any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know. I would be more than happy to help you as well as resolves your issues, Thank you once again.

Product applies to:
1)   SharePoint Server 2010
2)   SharePoint Foundation 2010

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