22 December, 2013

Precautions while installing sharepoint language packs?

Language packs enable you to create site collections and sites in multiple languages without requiring separate installations of SharePoint in each language.

SharePoint language pack is one of the vital functionality from ends user perspectives. This is just like another SP functionality that needs to be use on daily basis but yes its one time activity!

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  1. If I have SharePoint Server 2010 in English and X Language Pack, do I need to install the Service Pack 2 in English and Service pack 2 in X language?

    1. You only need to install the SharePoint Service Pack in the language of the original installation, then install each Language Pack Service Pack in the languages deployed to the farm. For example, if the farm is installed with en-US, and you have installed the French Language Pack, simply install the SharePoint Service Pack 2 from the English download, and the French Service Pack 2 from the Language Pack download (Service Pack 2 for Microsoft 2010 Server Language Pack).

  2. When you go to download the language packs, be sure to notice the drop down for “Language” it defaults to your PC’s default Language.

    -Jack P

  3. completely agreed with Jack's opinion-

    step one of downloading a langauge pack, is to pick the language you want to install.. Also be sure to put the downloaded file into a folder named after the language – the dang install file will be called “ServerLanguagePack.exe” no matter what language you pick


  4. Please use this link for detail info - http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc288518(v=office.14).aspx

  5. Language packs are not bundled into multilingual installation packages. You must install a specific language pack for each language that you want to support. Also, language packs must be installed on each Web server to ensure that each Web server can render content in the specified language.

  6. You cannot remove the language pack for the version of SharePoint Foundation 2010 that you have installed on the server. For example, if you are running the Japanese version of SharePoint Foundation 2010, you cannot uninstall the Japanese language support for SharePoint Foundation 2010.

  7. I would like to add some points to the above said person. LP can be uninstalled from server through some steps, but its not recommended by Microsoft itself as it may damage your whole farm. Also until and unless required, no need to install all the language packs. In normal production situations a Sp 2010 with a SP along with default LP will do the purpose. If you install multiple LP's every time whenever you add Cumulative updates you may need to add the relative LP's as well separately. Recently we hurdled a lot because of the bug intruded into the Farm through one of the LP installed (Luckily we experimented this LP in test environment and we excluded this LP concept itself from production)

    1. Thanks Binu for the valuable guidelines! Going to be very useful for all the people. Thanks again!

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