26 March, 2014

Sign in as different user in SharePoint Designer 2010 / 2013

Sign in as different user is always useful whenever we are doing any troubleshooting any access, custom functionality, extracting the databases etc…

When we open the site in browser mode then sign in as different user is always easy to switch as well as use but in terms of designer it’s difficult to find out the option. While working on some requirements, i came across this problem and took some time to figure out this tweak but finally got it!

Please refer the following steps as well as screenshots to find out where is this option:

1)   Open your site in SharePoint designer (designer 2010/ 2013)
2)   Bottom of the task in SPD, you will find this small icon – please refer the following screenshot.

3)   If you click on it then it will show you the ‘logged in user name”

4)   If you want to ‘sign in as different user’ then click OK.
5)   As soon as you will click OK, it will give you the username and password window.
6)   Enter the username and password (domain\username)
7)   Hit OK.

That’s it – you are done!

If you have any queries/questions regarding the mentioned information then please let me know. I would be more than happy to help you as well as resolves your issues, Thank you.


  1. For SharePoint 2013, just go to the start menu hold the shift key then right click internet explorer. Choose Run as a different user. You will be asked to input your credentials (Account Name and Password). I hope this helps.

    -Adrian Terania
    SharePoint Operations

  2. You got a definitely helpful blog I’ve been right here reading for about an hour. I’m a newbie and your accomplishment is quite a lot an inspiration for me.

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