25 March, 2014

How to create Business Data Connectivity Service Application

When we need to talk about external content type then BCS plays important role w.r.t. functionality. If BCS is not active in your farm then there will be numerous problems that you will come across so by means of this article we will build the base of external CT i.e. creation of BCS SA.

I know it’s very easy to create the service application but this article might be useful for a new bie who have just started learning SharePoint.

Here are the details:

Open the Central Administration

Application management

Manage service applications

New -> Business Data Connectivity Service

You will get the following page: 

a)   Name of the database server will be there by default,
b)   Database name will be there with long GUID: Remove this GUID and use simple & short naming convention.
c)   If you have a failover configure then you can specify the name of the server, otherwise keep it empty.

Application Pool:
a)   I would recommend you to create a new application pool option
b)   Specify the name as per your requirements
c)   Select ‘configurable’
d)   Select the account from the dropdown / If you have created a new account for this functionality then register it first and then proceed further
e)   Finally click OK

By this way, Business Data Connectivity Service application will be successfully created.

If you have any queries / questions then please let me know. I would be more than happy to assist you, Thank you.


  1. Thanks for your blog here! This has been very helpful! I have been looking for a place that has business name applications that I could look in to. This has been very helpful! Thanks again and keep up the great blog!

    1. Tim,
      Thanks for your kind words! Its my pleasure that you got the insight that you were looking for! Let me know in case of any queries so that we can discuss and resolve, Thank you again!

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