11 October, 2013

New/Upload/Actions/Settings are not visible in library

Common FAQ’s:

1)   How To See The "New", "Upload", "Actions," And "Settings" Menu Buttons In A Folder
2)   New / Upload / Actions / Settings / View menus on a document library are hidden
3)   New/Upload/Actions/Settings are not visible in library
4)   Drop-downs no longer showing up in a document library for New, Upload,
5)   Customize the menu bar of a document
6)   How to remove [new, upload, actions, settings] from document repository Actions or Settings

Simple and easy resolution for all the above mentioned FAQ’s:
1)   Click on edit page option, select that library web part, and click on Modify shared web part.
2)   You will get a box to edit different options in right side.
3)   Under toolbar type right now it must showing Summary Toolbar or No Toolbar, so just change it and makes it Full Toolbar.
4)   Click Apply and Ok.
5)   Exit edit mode and you will get all your options back.

If you have any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned info then please let me know. Thank you. 


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