22 August, 2013

Sign-in didn't work, you didn't get signed in. It might be your sign-in address or logon credentials

Problem description:
Users getting ‘Sign-in didn’t work’ error while login on Lync.

Error message:
Sign-in didn't work, you didn't get signed in. It might be your sign-in address or logon credentials, so try those again. If that doesn't work, contact your support team.

Most probable root cause:
Look like error is very simple and user might not using proper credential that why Sign-in error occurred. Most of the cases users are using their proper credential however continuously getting above error. Means credential is not the only culprit. When I dig into this then I got the actual reason behind the error.

Resolution: There are multiple resolution for this, let me share one by one:

First solution:
First step you can always check the login credential including password. Like password expired or recently changed etc.
name: amolghuge@mydomain.com
User Name: mydomain\amolghuge
Password: *************

Second solution:
Go to Active Directory and find the user and see whether user has multiple accounts or not. Multiple accounts (separate account in each domain).

-If two or more accounts are found then, Open Lync Management Shell and run below cmdlet.

PS C:\> Get-CsUser -Identity "Ilag, Balu"

You will see the result with all enable account with above display name.

-Just keep required ID and disable rest.

-Some cases alias will be same for multiple accounts, if so then change the one of the alias name and wait to sync.

-Still getting same error message then disable the Lync account through Lync Control Panel. And enable after 30 minutes to update account information.

Note: Disable account through Lync Control Panel only. Do not disable via Lync Management shell otherwise user will lose their buddy list.

In case of any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know, Thank you.

Product applies:

Lync Server 2010


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