29 April, 2013

Cannot browse to All People in SharePoint 2010

We used to normally visit All people in Sharepoint 2007 to Delete the user from the Site collection :)

Where is it in Sharepoint 2010 ?

The “All People” view is the best way to list out all the users having access to the SharePoint site.

When a admin navigates to the “People and Groups” section in a SharePoint 2007 site,

he sees a link called “All People” in the left hand navigation.

Clicking on this link brings up a view of all the users across all the groups in the site.

But this “All People” view is hidden in SharePoint 2010 and the link is also missing in the “People and Groups” section.

However one can still navigate to this view in a SharePoint 2010 by following the below mentioned steps :
  • Navigate to the “People and Groups” section.
  • Click on any of the groups.
  • Locate the “MembershipGroupId” query string parameter from Url in the address bar
  • Replace the value in the “MembershipGroupId” query string parameter with 0.
  • Reload the page and it will populate the “All People” View.


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