03 May, 2013

Content databases contain orphaned items

Problem Description:
The SharePoint Health Analyzer detected an error.  Content databases contain orphaned items.

In some situations, a content database that is used by Microsoft SharePoint Foundation may become corrupted. The corrupted database may contain orphaned items. For example, a document may not have a parent document library or a list may not have a parent Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web site.  Consequently, you may be unable to create new items with the same URL as the orphaned items, and space in the content database will be consumed unnecessarily.

Error Message:
Content databases contain orphaned items

Perfect article provided by Microsoft on this which helps me to resolve this issue:

Product Applies To:
SharePoint Server 2010.
SharePoint Foundation 2010.


  1. Thanks a lot for such a nice article and link....

    1. Thank you. Please let us know in case of any information your required. we will try our best to publish that article as soon as possible....

  2. My search comes to an end when i got the reference of the technet article by means of your blog, thanks for sharing this...nice blog!

  3. awesome blog man....

  4. Really ...did one button click resolve all the issues?

    1. Yes, you are right. just by using recommended instructions, i followed the same and the issue has been resolved :)but yes, its a reanalyze button who did the trick and that error has been gone from the health analyzer....

    2. I cannot fin dthe "Fix Now " button?

    3. you need to click on the reflected event by means of health analyzer and you will find it the option 'Fix now' on the top. please let me know in case of any queries, thank you.

  5. I cannot find the 'Fix Now' button in SharePoint 2013.
    Can you please explain ?

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