05 February, 2013

The following users do not have email address specified

Problem Description:
Unable to set alert on a List for single or multiple users

Error Message:
The following users do not have email address specified: <Username>

Probable cause:
The user’s profiles are not updated in SharePoint even though everything is setup up correctly in Active Directory and in Exchange.

Troubleshooting done:
1.   Checked if the user is stamped with an email address automatically.

2.   If the user's email address is set manually, need to remove the exchange attributes and reconnect the mailbox after running the cleanup agent in exchange, or create a new mailbox if there was no mailbox for the user in exchange server.

3.   Email address is stamped automatically by recipient update service (RUS) a component of exchange server and hence one should not add the email address manually.

4.   When configuring alert, check if the users email address is listed in the people picker. In this case the email address was not displayed; however the email address was stamped automatically by exchange. ( The affected user's email address was not
5.   displayed, but the user who was receiving alerts success had email address displayed in the people picker)

6.   Tried sending a test email from telnet to the affected user and it got delivered successfully which meant that the exchange was working fine.

1.   Went to Central Admin -> SSP -> User profiles and properties -> Configure profile import: The default access account was not specified.

2.   Hence gave the enterprise administrator and the password as the default access account.

3.   Then Selected Start Full import under SSP -> User profiles and properties.

4.   We were then able to see all the users with their email address in View user profiles.

5.   Then went to the SSP->Search Settings -> Content sources and Crawl schedules.

6.   Performed a Full crawl which completed successfully.

7.   We then selected the people picker and found that the all the users were displayed with their email address along with the affected user.

8.   We were then able to set the alert for that user successfully without getting any errors.

If you have any queries/questions regarding above mentioned information then please let me know, Thank you.

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2007-SP2


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