07 February, 2013

How to transfer a site collection from one database to another-SharePoint 2010

Guys- Few days back, I worked on one issue and would like share the experiences so that you can resolve it if you come across the same.

Problem Description:
We had two requirements:
1.   Stop creating site collections in existing databases
2.   Transfer some site collections from existing databases to new databases.

Let’s talk about the first scenario:

Stop creating site collections in existing databases
If you search in Google then you will get tons of results from many blogs/websites/forums/TechNet etc. Everybody is mentioning about ‘making the database offline’-let me tell you it’s very easy but I would recommend you that please don’t use this approach.

Here is the best approach that will be preferable to use across any conditions.
When you will open content database section in reference to any web application section then you will see following highlights:
·         Name of the database
·         Number of site collections exist
·         Maximum number of site collections
·         Minimum number of site collections

So yes-coming back to the main point…As we can see ‘how many site collections are currently holding by this database’ then we can restrict the entry by making proper changes in “maximum & minimum number of site collections”

That’s it-once you do this then you have applied the barrier to that DB and now its deadlocked. When you will create any new site collection now then it will go to new database.

CLEAN & SIMPLE J isn’t it?

Transfer some site collections from existing databases to new databases
Now coming back to second point, how to transfer the site collections from one DB to another. Many of us will give a thought (rocket serving thought J )that yes, it can be done by backup/restore, export/import!!!

If you are thinking like this then let me correct you that Microsoft has introduced some enhancements in the Power shell and it’s a point of one execution command only.  Let me refer you that TechNet article that reflects the same.

Power shell Command:
Move-SPSite http://servername/sites/sitename -DestinationDatabase ContentDb2

Note: This example moves the site collection http://servername/sites/sitename to the content database ContentDb2.

That’s it-Requirements fulfilled and we are done with this article J

If you have any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know.

I would be more than happy to help you as well as resolves your issues J

Product applies to:
SharePoint Server 2010


Your feedback is always appreciated. I will try to reply to your queries as soon as possible- Amol Ghuge

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