16 August, 2012

OneNote has encountered a problem and cannot complete the action

Using shared notebooks with SharePoint sites. When Office OneNote 2007 notebooks are stored in a shared location, such as a SharePoint library, multiple users can simultaneously access shared notes and contribute to them on an ongoing basis. A library is a central location on a SharePoint site where people store and manage their files.

When you share a notebook on a SharePoint site, you can use the features of a library to manage and share your notebooks. You can manage who has permission to view the notebook or contribute notes. You can store additional information about the notebook or its pages, such as the department name or project number. You can also track versions of the notebook, so that people can view or restore an earlier version if needed and receive updates when the content changes by using alerts or RSS Feeds.

The 2007 Microsoft Office Suites provide the best level of rich, contextual integration with Windows SharePoint Services and Office SharePoint Server, allowing users to interact with SharePoint sites without leaving their Office programs and to have two-way synchronization with collaborative information and documents as well as business data stored on SharePoint sites.

Problem Description:
§  Synchronization problem between SharePoint and Office OneNote application.
§  Updates are not being reflected on the users end/not able to see the current data i.e. correct versioning information
§  After having proper permissions at the site level but users are still getting read only notebooks

Error Message: OneNote has encountered a problem and cannot complete the action

Resolution: This problem has been fixed in Microsoft Office 2007 service pack2 and use the following links for the detailed description.

Microsoft Office 2007 service pack2 can be downloaded from: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5

Complete summary based on number of issues fixed in service pack2: http://office-watch.com/t/n.aspx?a=850


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