22 October, 2011

You cannot type some Polish letters in the Rich Text Editor

Working on one SharePoint issue in which the user is not able to use some polish letters.

Problem Description: Users with polish keyboards cannot input some data in the Rich text Editor of the Content editor web part or the Wiki pages

Did research and found the Microsoft KB article which states that:
Polish has letters in addition to the 26 letters that are used in English. However, you cannot type some of these additional letters in the Rich Text Editor. For example, this issue occurs when you try to type some Polish letters in a blog or in a custom list that uses the Rich Text Editor.

We need to run the STSADM utility to enable this fix. Use the following command:
stsadm.exe -o setproperty -url http://portal -pn “richtexteditorshortcutenabled” -pv “no”
This has to run on the portal which contains the site collection.

Reference article:
One more thing is that i would like to highlight here: if you are not able to execute the above mentioned command then what you will do ?? Don't worry-Here is the workaround for this:
Enter Polish characters not with ALT, but with SHIFT, ~, release keys and then l for ł etc.

I hope the above mentioned information will be useful to all of you and helps you to resolve the issue in an efficient manner. If you have any queries/questions regarding the mentioned information then please let me know. I would be more than HAPPY to HELP you as well as RESOLVES your issues...

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