09 October, 2009

Risk-List Uniqueness !!

This is regarding with one of the unique Sharepoint issues that we successfully resolved today. By using out-of-settings, it is not possible to resolve this issue and anybody can consider that it a SharePoint By-Default behaviour.


-In a Project Tracking Workspace Template, there is one list which comes by default named "Risk List".

-If we want to create one more same list then you will not find the option under View All Site Content->Create-> Custom List

-If we try to save the Risk List as Template then it will successfully saved in the List Gallery but you will not find that list under the Create List Section (Path mentioned above)


-Taken backup of all the folders for the below mentioned steps in which i have made modification !!

-Checked C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES

-Inside the Features Folders->PWSRISKS Folder(Which is part of Project Tracking Workspace Template)

-Inside the PWSRISKS Folder->List Templates->pwsrisk.xml

-Opened the XML file in notepad->Made Modification as -> DontSaveInTemplate="FALSE" (It was True before)

-Opened Feature.XML for the Risk List-> made Modification as -> Hidden="FALSE" (It was true Before)

-That's it..Issue resolved !!

03 October, 2009

SharePoint Designer Cache

Clearing SharePoint Desinger Web Part Cache:
After deploy the new assembly to the server you might see that new properties are not reflected in SharePoint Designer. You can correct the issue by clearing the C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\Local Settings\Application Data\Local\Microsoft\WebsiteCache

Clearing the Assembly Cache for SharePoint Designer:
There might be issue with loading workflow with custom activities that you have deployed for SPD workflows, which will result in "Failed to load the workflow" !!
Getting rid of cached file from:C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Microsoft\SharePoint Designer\ProxyAssemblyCache\. Then delete the folder (12.x.x.xxxx)

How to disable Contributor Settings in SharePoint Designer

When you install Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007), By Default the Contributor Settings will be enabled on your site(s). You will notice this in the SharePoint Designer task pane.

This is because your account is present in the Content Authors group, wich may “restrict the use of some features” as the task pane mentions.This behavior can be modified if you turn off the "Contributor Settings" in SPD.

How to get this above window:
1. Open The site in SharePoint Designer
2. Site Menu
3.choose Contributor Settings.
4.Click on Disbale Contributor settings
5. Refresh the page and U will not see that message again !!!!

25 July, 2009

An error has occured in Approval

I think, Workflow is the easiest part of SharePoint for anybody to use and especially the out-of-box workflows. Yesterday, One of the user in my project reported an error regarding workflow. The scenario was he set an approval workflow for himself and when he tried to approve it then he got an error message as follows:

When we set up an workflow for the document library and list, We usually follow these process :

-Go to Settings->Workflow Settings->Add Workflow
-Choose the Approval workflow from the list, make it start on item creation go to the second workflow page.
-Select the approvers asper your requirement and check "Update the approval status (use this workflow to control content approval)"
-Finish and the workflow has been set !!

And now the mystery begins and you will get an error as mentioned above. and now You will ask,why? So the keyword is "Approval" !!

This is an approval workflow which should among getting the approvals update the approval status of the document so, if you missed one tiny little step like setting the approval for the document library this simple task will fail at the end.

-Just go to the document Library Settings
-Versioning Settings Page
-Set "Require content approval for submitted items to?" to yes and everything should be fine.

I hope the above information will helps you to overcome the above mentioned error message!!

18 July, 2009

How to find the template name of sharepoint site?

It is really very difficult to find out the name of the template after the site has been created but not now.. After lots of searching & googling, I found out one great post belongs to Mr.SP Raj who written this code and it is very successfull as i have tried this and i am able to find the names of the templates used by the site.

Please Follow this link and your issue will be Resolved:

List of MOSS 2007 Template ID Information
0 - GLOBAL (SetupPath=global) - "Global template"
1 - STS - "windows SharePoint Services Site", "Team Site", "Blank Site", "Document Workspace"
2 - MPS - "Basic Meeting Workspace", "Blank Meeting Workspace", "Decision Meeting Workspace", "Social Meeting Workspace", "Multipage Meeting Workspace"
3 - CENTRALADMIN - "Central Admin Site"
4 - WIKI - "Wiki Site"
7 - BDR - "Document Center"
9 - BLOG - "Blog"
20 - SPS (OBSOLETE) - "SharePoint Portal Server Site"
21 - SPSPERS - "SharePoint Portal Server Personal Space"
22 - SPSMSITE - "Personalization Site"
30 - SPSTOC (OBSOLETE) - "Contents area Template"
31 - SPSTOPIC (OBSOLETE) - "Topic area template"
32 - SPSNEWS (OBSOLETE) - "News area template"
33 - SPSNHOME (SubWebOnly) - "News Home template"
34 - SPSSITES - "Site Directory area template"
36 - SPSCOMMU (OBSOLETE) - "Community area template"
38 - SPSREPORTCENTER - "Report Center Site"
39 - CMSPUBLISHING (SetupPath=SiteTemplates\PUBLISHING) - "Publishing and Team Collaboration Site"
40 - OSRV (SetupPath=SiteTemplates\OSRV) - "Shared Services Administration Site"
47 - SPSPORTAL - "Corporate Intranet Site"
50 - SRCHCEN - "Search Center"
51 - PROFILES - "Profiles"
52 - BLANKINTERNETCONTAINER - "Internet Presence Web Site"
53 - BLANKINTERNET - "Publishing Site", "Press Releases Site", "Publishing Site"
54 - SPSMSITEHOST - "My Site Host"
90 - SRCHCENTERLITE (SetupPath=SiteTemplates\SRCHCENTERLITE) - "Search Center Lite"
6221 - PWA (SetupPath=SiteTemplates\PWA) - "Project Web Access Site"
6215 - PWS (SetupPath=SiteTemplates\PWS) - "Project Workspace"
14483 - OFFILE - "Records Repository", "Records Repository"

I Hope the above information will helps u to find the template name but if you face any problem then please let me know... Thanks!!!