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29 March, 2014

Design and Publish the Infopath form - SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint 2013

InfoPath Form Designer: 
Software application for Designing, distributing, submitting and filling the form which contains hierarchical tree view of folders and data fields. It is used to create and save the information on a web server when hosted on SharePoint.

Create a Blank Form : InfoPath Designer -> File -> New -> Blank Form.
E.g. SharePoint Site Request Form

Add 3 Sections in the Blank Form Field -> Get Sections option from the Control Tool Properties

Insert 3 Separate tables from the INSERT (Navigation Tool bar) option to the sections

Populate the required label name and assign the necessary control field to the labels from the Control Tool Properties.

Right Click on the Filed Properties -> Assign Unique name for Separate field.
For People/Group Picker field Properties -> Specify a SharePoint Site to query for People and Groups.

For the Date/Time Filed, Insert Formula as today() (on Insert Function option) -> It will display today’s date on the form.

For every Drop-Down List type Controls -> Specify the needed Choice value on the Property box.

Don’t forget to click on “Cannot be blank” option which means this field in the form should be filled up with the values.

E.g. 1: Location: Asia, Europe…

E.g. 2: Site Template: Blank, Team…..

Add Button Option in the Form for Submit the Request

Create New Rule for the Submit Button -> Rule Type: Action -> Run these action: Add -> Submit data

Add New Data Connection to submit the form: Click on Submit Data to document Library on SP Site

Specify the Document Library name and File name for the Data.

Publish the Form to a Document Library

Click on File -> Publish -> SharePoint Server -> Publishing Wizard will open
Specify the Location of SharePoint Site

Click on “Enable this form to be filled out by using a browser”

Click on the Radio button for “Document Library” to publish the form as a template in a document library.

On this step, create a new document library or Update the form template in an existing document library based on the need.

Click on Next and in the final dialog box; verify the Form information and Publish.

 By using Design Option in the InfoPath Designer, Design your Form as like this!!!!!