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29 November, 2011

"Email Users" action not working

Yesterday I worked on one ticket in which the user had mentioned the problem description “email users” action is not working. This issue has been resolved with the following analysis:

The groups consist of approximately 100 users. If you select all the users and performed an action “actionàEmail users” then it has to open a mail window by including the email ID’s of all the selected users but no redirection and nothing happens.

If I select some users in the range 10-20 then it will perform the exact action as expected. This condition leads me to think that there should be some limitation on which it has to work/stopped working after the range exceeds.

Did research and found out that it is known issue as per this:

Here is the detail why it happens.
-There is a limit of 2048 characters for URI in IE. in case the length increases , the page wont popup us with error, it shall simply tries redirecting to same page
-In case, the length is within limit, it shall redirect to the page and  call JavaScript, which in turn shall invoke client email application.

Now the question is-How to resolve this issue?
1)      Open the siteàsite actionsàsite settings
2)      Users and groups
3)      Open that specific group in which we need to extract the users list
4)      Change the view from ‘detail view’ to ‘List view’
5)      Copy the list by normal windows ‘copy’ command and paste it in excel
6)      Now it’s easy to get the list and request has been completed

If you have any queries regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know.
I would be more than happy to help you as well as resolves your issues, Thank you