26 March, 2013

SharePoint 2010 Upgrade checklist: Part 2

Below are some more upgrade checklist as shared in the Part 1:

Run a crawl, and review the log files.
Run search queries, and verify that the queries work as expected and provide appropriate results. Twenty-four hours later, view the query reports and look for issues.
Search for people and profiles.
Check any Search customizations to make sure that they work as expected.
My Site Web sites
Are all the Web Parts working?
Are all features associated with the My Site Web sites working?
Can users access the sites, or are they seeing "Access Denied" errors?
If the My Site host that they are visiting is not the default My Site host, they may see this error. Check that the service application and proxy associations are correct, and then check that the My Site host is referenced correctly in the User Profile service application. Reset Internet Information Services (IIS) to apply any changes.
User Profile, InfoPath and Excel Services
Are they configured correctly?
Are the service application proxies configured the way that you want?
Do you have to create new connections between farms?
Make sure that all existing content such as documents are accessible in the upgraded Personal site.
Check all services have administrator permissions or reapply as needed.
For Excel Services, if using SSS (Secure Store Service) create a new unattended service account to interact with Excel Services.
For InfoPath Forms Services, update any links that are used in the upgraded form templates by using the Update-SPInfoPathAdminFileURL.


Your feedback is always appreciated. I will try to reply to your queries as soon as possible- Amol Ghuge

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