24 October, 2012

Unable to restore files/folders from Site Collection Recycle Bin: SharePoint


When we try to restore we get the Error Message: Unable to restore ‘file name’.

Troubleshooting Steps:

Checked on the path from where the Folder was deleted and confirmed that it was not modified or deleted i.e. all the top-level folders/sites where intact to get to the folder.

Checked for the available quota on site.

All looked fine still unable to restore.

Checked the Doclib where the Folder had to be restored and found a folder named similar to the folder which was to be restored. Eg. RC PHASEQ4 as to RC PHASEQ3.

So, renamed the similar folder to something else and tried restore, It Worked. Once restored, reverted the renamed folder to original.

This theory is well supported by

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