20 July, 2012

How to organize files in SharePoint

The following are some of the ways that you can view and manage files in the same library:
• Add columns to help your group to identify the data that is most important and to view the data in different ways, you can add columns (column: X named selection of data in a list, library, or content type, such as Title or Due Date. Columns are displayed horizantally in most views and are displayed as fields in forms.) to your library. Columns appear at the top of the library page as headings, such as department name or due date. You can use the column headings to sort and filter the files in a library.
• Create views: (view: A set of columns on a Web page that displays items in a list or document library. The view can display sorted or filtered items, a selection of columns, or a custom layout.) if the people in your group frequently need to see the data in a certain way. In views, columns are used to sort, group, filter, and display the data.
• Create folders for many files that can be grouped in a particular way, folders are an option. Folders can help people to scan and manage files in a familiar way. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 provides a tree view that people can use to navigate sites and folders, similar to the way that they work with folders on a hard disk.
• Set up multiple templates if multiple content types are set up in a library, you can create different types of default templates — such as sales contracts, marketing presentations, and budget worksheets — within the same library. Content types add flexibility and consistency across multiple libraries.
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