09 April, 2012

No text converter is installed for this file type’ PowerPoint error

A PowerPoint file may become corrupt owing to a variety of reasons including corrupt operating system, application malfunction, virus infections, and human errors and so on. A corruption scenario is a great cause of worry for anyone who has invested his precious time and indulged in intensive research to create a presentation. You can sail through the above unfortunate situation if you backup your data regularly. However, if you haven’t maintained any backup, there is no need to press the panic button. There are many things you can consider doing to recover PowerPoint file than mulling over going through the grind again.

As a practical case, you may come across the following error while trying to view a ppt file sent via an e-mail:
“No text converter is installed for this file type”

As a result of the above error, you will not be able to access the data stored in the PowerPoint file.

you can receive the above error in the following circumstances:
If you are trying to open a PowerPoint 2007 file in an earlier version of PowerPoint
If you are trying to open a corrupt PowerPoint file (A PowerPoint file received via email has the tendency to get corrupt. It is a good practice to zip the file before sending it as an attachment.)

Below mentioned workarounds can be observed in order to fix the error and access the data from a ppt file:
You can install the compatibility pack which will let you open PowerPoint 2007 file 

To extract the data from a corrupt ppt file, you can observe the following PowerPoint recovery steps:
1.You can click Slides from Files on the Insert menu
2.You can try and recover text by opening a corrupt presentation in Word 
3.Try and access the file on a different hard drive or a computer
4.Open PowerPoint in safe mode and then try to open a corrupt file
5.To recover ppt file if all the above methods fail, you have to rely on a third-party utility

You can download such a tool from the Internet. Ensure you select a read-only application which doesn’t modify the original content.

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