10 January, 2012

Create site collections

You can create new top-level site collections when you create your Web application or any time later using the Create Site Collections option in Application Management. You can create a top-level site collection using either the root URL of an unextended Web application or a managed path such as /sites or any other wildcard inclusion path you have created.When creating a new site collection, you will provide the following information.
  • Title and description
  • Website address using either the root of the Web application or a URL path
  • A site template that will be used to create the new site collection
  • A site collection administrator and a secondary administrator if required
  • A quota limit template if required
Make sure  to choose the correct Web application before creating the site collection so the collection is available in the correct Web application.

If you have any queries regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know, Thank you

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