10 March, 2011

How to find GUID of SharePoint list:MOSS 2007/WSS 3.0

In this post i am going to discuss multiple ways by which we can easily find the guid of sharepoint lists. SharePoint list's are used on day-to-day basis and sometimes there might be customer requirement/project need where we required sharepoint list Guid.

Please refer the following ways and select the easiest way as per your requirement. In case of any confusion/queries then please let me know,Thanks...

First Way:

-Navigate to the SharePoint list using the browser.
-Select the Settings + List Settings menu command.
-Copy the Url from the browser address bar into Notepad. It will look something like:


-Delete everying before and including “List=”.
-Change “%7B” to “{” 
-Change all “%2D” to “-“
-Chnage “%7D” to “}”

You are now left with the Id:


Second Way:

-Go to respective List
-Go to Settings 
-List Settings 
-Right-click on the 'Information management policy settings' link and 
-choose Copy Shortcut.
-Paste the URL and you can see the GUID surrounded with "{" and "}".

+ Access the list via your browser and select the View you want to find the GUID.
+Select "Modify this View" and copy the URL.
+You will get a URL like this,


From the above URL, you will find this:


Replace "%7B" with "{"
Replace all "%2D" with "-"
Replace "%7D" with "}"

You are now left with the following GUIDs:

List ID is {5C65CB1A-2E1B-488A-AC07-B115CD0FC647}

View ID is {75E689B4-5773-43CB-8324-58E42E1EB885}

Third Way:

SharePoint Tips Utility Pack: http://spstipsutilitypack.codeplex.com/

SharePoint Tips Utility Pack is a package of utilities for the administrator\developer\deployer of SharePoint 2007 and WSSv3. 

Fourth Way:

A little GUID picker: Credit goes to Ronalus- http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ronalus/archive/2007/09/08/a-little-guid-picker.aspx

+Type a Site URL, and select “Display Lists Titles and Ids”. From the list of lists you can select a list GUID, and with right-click copy it to the List ID input field.

+After clicking “Display Views” you see the available list views. Again you can select a view guid, and with right-click copy it to the View input field.

+Select “Display Items” to display the list items in the view.

+With a click on “Display default List Attribute Names” de internal names of the fields in the list are displayed.

Fifth Way: 

SharePoint Inspector: http://spi.codeplex.com/

=SharePoint Inspector is a free tool to browse your SharePoint 2007 farm. 
=You can see objects composing its structure, get their properties by reflection, which can be very useful when you want to check if your code does what it should do.
=You can use also some advanced features like activate/deactivate SharePoint features, add/remove event receivers, manage your recycle bin.

Please refer the following screenshots regarding the same:


  1. How much experience u have in sharepoint?

  2. I have six years of exp in SharePoint Technologies.

  3. Excellent Info! it helps me to track the information that i was looking for.... Thanks again...

  4. Another way, paste the url in and press submit. I got tired of doing this in notepad.


    1. Thanks for sharing this another alternative. This will be helpful for the all sharepoint communities.


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