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03 March, 2011

Report contains no data

SharePoint Server provides the ability to audit the usage of your SharePoint environment. The SharePoint Server auditing capabilities allow you to track all activities that occur within the environment. The site collection administrator has the ability to set auditing requirements within the environment that determine the types of actions that should be tracked. Reports are then available that can be used to review the logged events.

Yesterday, one of my users reported me the following error message for the site collection on which he was working:

Report contains no data

As we know, only site collection administrator works/can view the audit log reports so my user clicked on the report and got the above mentioned error message.

What you have to do in this situation:
1)   Open the site on which you are working
2)   Site actions
3)   Site settings
4)   Site collection administration
5)   Site collection audit log settings
6)   Select the columns as per your requirements 

The following list of events can be audited:
1)   Opening, Downloading and viewing of content.
2)   Editing Content
3)   Checking in and out.
4)   Moving and copying content.
5)   Deleting and restoring.
6)   Editing Content Types and Columns
7)   Searches performed by users.
8)   Changes to security settings.

Note: Make sure you do some activity in order to get the reports because you have implemented the audit logs by checking all the appropriate audit events. 

Once auditing has been enabled and the site has been in use for a while. Different reports can be pulled from the log. If no data has been recorded in the log, then the reports will simply not open.

After doing the above mentioned steps, your issue will be resolved..
In case of any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know, Thanks…