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07 September, 2012

How to Create a New SharePoint Group

Use the following steps to create a new SharePoint Group:

·         Choose Site Settings from the Site Actions and Click Modify All Site Settings.

·         Click Advanced Permissions from the Users and Permissions column

Caution: Check if the site you are adding the group to is inheriting permissions from its parent site. The site is inheriting permissions from its parent if you see the following message: “This Website inherits permissions from its parent Web site. To manage permissions directly, click Edit Permissions from the Action menu.”

·         To break Inheritance from parent site and give this site unique Permissions, click Edit Permissions from the Actions menu.

Note: You can switch back and forth between these settings as needed by selecting Inherit Permissions from the Actions Menu. However, it is important to realize that whenever a site is switched to inheriting permissions from the parent site, all unique permission settings within the site are discarded.      

·         Click OK on the confirmation pop-up.

·         Click New to open the new menu, and select New Group.

·         Type a Name and Description the new group.

Important: Use the following naming conventions.

·         Enter the group owner information. The group owner will have complete control over this group, including modifying settings as well as adding or removing group membership. There can only be one group owner.

·         Enter Group Settings, Membership Requests.

Caution: If you select yes for the Auto-accept requests option, any user requesting access to this group will automatically be added as a member of the group and receive the permission level associated with the group.

·         Specify the permission level for the Groups.

·         Click Create to create the new group.