27 April, 2014

Exporting and Importing the Sharepoint Designer Reusable Workflow

Steps to Export the Designer Workflow

1.Open the Site in sharepoint Designer

2.Click on Workflow and select your Reusable workflow that you want to export.

3.On the Ribbon , You can see “Save As Template” option. Click on that. In my case I am trying to export “Employee Workflow” As shown in the Screenshot.

4.WSP for that Workflow will be created and it will get stored in SiteAssets.

5.Go to your site and open site assets(Site action->All Site content->Site Assets under Document Libraries. Download the Workflow WSP from the site Assets to your local drive.

Steps to Import the Designer workflow

1.Go to the site where you want to import the workflow .

2.Then go to Site Action->Site Settings->Click on “Solutions” under Galleries.

3.Upload the Exported WSP and activate the solution.

4.Then you need to go to site action--> Site Settings-->Manage Site features.

5.Check for a feature that starts with “Workflow template < Your Exported Workflow name>” And activate that feature.

6.Now its all set. Workflow is imported.

You can add the workflow to any List/Library by going to List/Library setting and click on add workflow. You will see that your workflow is there in the list as shown below.

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