15 April, 2013

The SharePoint Health Analyzer detected an error. One or more services have started or stopped unexpectedly

Problem Description:
The SharePoint Health Analyzer detected an error. One or more services have started or stopped unexpectedly.

Error Message:
The following services are managed by SharePoint, but their running state does not match what SharePoint expects: SPAdminV4. This can happen if a service crashes or if an administrator starts or stops a service using a non-SharePoint interface. If SharePoint-managed services do not match their expected running state, SharePoint will be unable to correctly distribute work to the service.

SharePoint was unable to automatically repair this error.

To stop or start a service managed by SharePoint, use the SharePoint service management interface in the SharePoint Central Administration Site. If a service has crashed, restart the service manually on the affected servers by running "net start [service name]" from a command prompt. For more information about this rule, see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=142683.

- All services are running fine.
- All SharePoint sites as well as web applications are running without any issues.

Basically it’s a clear cut indication that the one of the required service is un-reachable.

Resolutions you can try as there are multiple things by which we can resolve this issue:
- Check the administration service is running or not in services console. if its stopped/disable then please restart it.
- try to reboot the server and check the results again.
- try restarting the services by using command prompt
- after the above things and if you are still facing the problem then please check the SP logs and surely you will find the  exact error which will tell you the root cause behind it.

If you have any issues/queries regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know, Thank you

Product applies to:
- SP2010
- SP2013
- SharePoint Foundation 2010


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