13 February, 2013

Failed to open a connection to the Nintex Workflow configuration database

Here we go with another new issue and easy resolutions & workarounds…
This time, the issue was with Nintex workflows at the time of activating a site collection feature. Let me describe the details in step by step so that it will be easy recognize as well as understand…

Problem Description:
Problem activating Site Feature. While activating the ‘Nintex workflow 2010’ at the site collection level, we faced the following error message:

Error Message:
An unexpected error has occurred.
Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.
Correlation ID: XXXXX

Troubleshooting Steps:
1)    Most imp regarding any exceptions: SharePoint logs (\14\logs)-specifically if we face “unexpected error”
2)    Windows event logs
3)    If we have a correlation id then it’s very easy to find out the exact error message

After reviewing the SP logs, this is what I found:
Exception was thrown while ensuring dependencies met for feature 'NintexWorkflow' (id: 0561d315-d5db-4736-929e-26da142812c5): Nintex.Workflow.NWFeatureActivatingException: Nintex.Workflow.NW2007DatabaseConnectionException: Failed to open a connection to the Nintex Workflow configuration database. ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Cannot open database "NW2007WFDB" requested by the login. The login failed.  Login failed for user 'Contoso\Administrator'. 

What we need to target first in such conditions:
1.    What exactly the app pool identity is used by that web application? Does it have sufficient rights/not?
2.    The Nintex database has a role called WSS_Content_Application_Pools. This is the group that we need to add the app pool identity to
·         SQL SERVER
·         SharePoint_Config
·         Security
·         Users
·         The account which is running the app pool of the web application
·         Right Click-Properties
·         General
·         Database role membership

I have added this group named as WSS_Content_Application_Pools to the APP POOL identity and that it. It worked and issue has been successfully resolved…

If you have any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know.

I would be more than happy to help you as well as resolves your issues…

Thank you.


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