01 August, 2012

SharePoint 2010: 'Send-to' option to Record center from a source site collection does not work on a Claims-based web application

After setting up a Send-To connections (via central administration) to route records from a site collection to a record center on a web application that only supports claims based authentication, the send-to functionality does not work and fails with an 'access denied' error.

Possible Cause:
do not know the root cause at this time but i am suspecting that this is desired behavior and we can straight way say that-> 'Send-To' connections do not support Forms-based Claims Authentication.

There are two possible ways to resolve this issue:

1. Configure a zone that does not use Claims Authentication for the 'Send-To' destination Web Application. This zone needs Windows authentication enabled because service accounts, which are Windows accounts, perform the sending.

2. Use multi-mode authentication for the destination Web Application.

If you have any different views then please let me know so that we can share with SharePoint Communities and come to a final point. Thank you.


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  2. Hi,

    I am trying to send document to other location within the same web app.

    What could be the reason of error?

  3. hello-

    Could you please provide the exact error message so that i can guide you in right directions? Thank you.


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