06 July, 2011

MVP Award Renewal for 2011-2012:SharePoint Server

Today I was honored for the second time with the Microsoft MVP award. It’s great to be recognized for my efforts in the SharePoint community over the past year.

Microsoft does the awards on a quarterly basis now to spread out the workload of reviewing people but the end of the year seems a good time to reflect on things especially since the award is given for the community work done in the "previous year.

Many thanks to my lead "Abhishek Kant" and everyone at the MVP Award program who keeps this all together and moving.
if your interested in learning more about the Microsoft MVP Program check out these official program links: Becoming an MVP

Thanks to everyone who – directly or indirectly – contributed to this renewal.
Thank you Microsoft, and thank you the Microsoft MVP program and foremost – thank you, the SharePoint community!

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