09 September, 2010

SP2010:How to Manage Webparts On Pages

After adding web parts to a page, you may need to do many other tasks to create a useful SharePoint page. Rearranging, closing, deleting, and connecting web parts are all done after placing the page in Edit mode. Edit mode provides you with the option to modify the presentation of the page; note that you don’t need any programming knowledge.

After placing web parts on the page, you may determine that the page would function better if the web parts were presented in a different order or in a different location. SharePoint allows you to easily rearrange the web parts on the page once the page is in Edit mode. Edit mode displays the current page, making the management features available to you. To set the page to Edit mode and rearrange web parts, follow these steps:

1. On the page, click the Edit Page link in the Site Actions menu.
2. The page will be refreshed, displaying the content areas and web part zones. The page is now in Edit mode.
3. Click the title bar of a web part you want to move; and while holding down the mouse button, drag the web part to another location in a content area or web part zone on the page. If placing the web part in a zone, a bar will appear when the mouse is in a valid location to place the web part.
4. When the mouse is in the correct location within the content area or the bar
appears in the desired location within a web part zone, release the mouse button.

You may also want to remove web parts that you have determined should no longer appear on the page. There are three ways to keep a web part’s content from displaying on the page. The first is to minimize it. Minimizing a web part keeps the title bar displayed, but does not display the contents of the web part to the user.

To minimize a web part on a page, follow these steps:

1. On the web part page, click the Edit Page link in the Site Actions menu.
2. On the title bar of the web part you wish to minimize, open the Web Part menu by clicking the dropdown arrow on the right.
3. On the Web Part menu, click the Minimize option. You can also select the Minimize command from the State group on the Web Part Tools - Options ribbon.

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