22 April, 2009

The file that you selected could not be found

Few Days before, in our project, one of the user faced wierd error message which was never seen by my team. First of all lets focused the whole error message:
"The file that you selected could not be found. Check the spelling of the file name and verify that the location is correct."

When trying to open the sample dashboard in MOSS 2007 Enterprise Report Center site as an user with Read Only rights, we got this error message.
While troubleshooting, we compared two document libraries and reproduced the scenario.
After the excat replication of error message on a new document library,we found out the resolution which is quite simple.

1. Go to your reports library where the workbooks are stored.
2. On the Settings menu, click Document Library Settings.
3. Under General Settings, click versioning settings.
4. Disable versioning.

I hope the above steps helps you to resolve your issue.


  1. Yes it did. I applied it within in our MOSS 2007 environment, refreshed the browser, and the error message was gone for good. Thanks! William

  2. Hi

    Could you please explain why this error is occure
    what are the sorces.


  3. The problem you are having is likely because of major/minor versioning settings. What is probably happening is that only a minor (or draft) version of the file is saved to the server. By default, only users with edit permissions can see it.

    In this scenario, i can recommend the same as my resolution, detail explanation:
    publish a major version of the file. This will be the one that everyone sees. When you want to make changes to the file, you will be changing the minor version. Once the file looks the way you want, just publish another major version. The trick here is to remeber to always publish a major version. Also note that new files saved to the doc lib will be saved as minor versions.

  4. There is an easier solution. Just download long path tool at longpathtooldotcom

  5. fabulous resolution methods. it fixed my issue :-)

    thanks for posting such valuable information. keep up the same pace.


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