28 March, 2009

Directory Listing Denied:The Virtual Directory does not allow Contents to be listed

The Project in which i am working consist of three phase testing as Test-QA and then production. Once we are able to deployed successfully then we implement that change in production which is ideal for everyone.As we need to implement Ajax in the sharepoint farm, it requires .net 3.5 with sp1 to be deployed first. After deploying .net 3.5 in the SharePoint test enviornment, we faced some issues and due to some reasons, we had to revert back the changes and uninstalled .net 3.5.

Now the problem starts, after the uninstallation, when we tried to browse the site, we faced wierd error message "The Virtual Directory does not allow Contents to be listed".

After doing some troubleshooting, we were able to resolved the Problem. The steps that we followed as follows:-
Resolution Steps:-
-IIS Manager
-Home Directory tab
-Wildcard Application Maps
-Add the location path of the aspnet_isapi.dll

Note:-Ensure that the checkbox Verify that the file exists is unchecked, otherwise error 404 page not found will be displayed.
This is because the data is rendered from the SQL database and not from IIS locally, and sharepoint will process this on the run while the site is being accessed.


  1. I am running server 2003 x64, so have pointed my file to the 64 folder version. (Pointing to the 86 version breaks the entire sharepoint site.) I still get the same error. Any suggestions for x64?

  2. Very good find. Thank You! I was getting 403 errors when connecting to my sharepoint sites after removing .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.

    I had this on a 2003 x64 system. Pointed it to C:\windows\microsoft.net\framework64\v2.0.50727\aspnet_isaspi.dll

    That resolved it.

  3. i am also facing the same problem but still i am unable to solve this one, i pointed C:\windows\microsoft.net\framework64\v2.0.50727\aspnet_isaspi.dll. still problem is coming, Can you please help me..

  4. amol---HELP...PLEASE...i'm just a rookie and know very little about computers. i was on shepherds chapel site from the home page i clicked on broadband- it went to the next page where i selected windows media-which i do daily to view the program-but today this directory listing denied message came up..i read the comments here but they're all too technical for me. if you can help plz respond to heyjewde@yahoo.com thank you.

  5. This is not related to SharePoint but still here are the steps:

    1. Open this site: http://www.shepherdschapel.com/

    Make sure you are properly connected to internet

    2. Clicked on Broadband Video

    3. Left Click on the version you want to watch and the file will start to download (3 - 10 minutes depending on your broadband connection).

    * The Windows Media version will start playing within 30 seconds.


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